2010 Automotive News All-Stars

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In the past year, the industry has endured bankruptcies, the death of brands, massive recalls by Toyota Motor Corp. and a still-shaky sales recovery. Through it all, some individuals didn’t just survive; they thrived. We unveil our annual Automotive News All-Stars, leaders who set the pace in tough times. Ford Motor Co. placed 10 individuals on our list — including CEO Alan Mulally, who is our Industry Leader of the Year for 2010.

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CEO, Ford Motor Co.

Ford revs up profits and products: Alan Mulally has profits and products in high gear. In the first quarter, Ford posted $2.1 billion in net profits. The Ford Fiesta subcompact is in showrooms, the redesigned Explorer is due this year, and the redesigned Focus is coming in early 2011. Mulally continues to refine his vision by dropping Mercury at year end to concentrate on the Ford and Lincoln lineups. His steadfast plan to turn Ford around is bearing fruit in impressive fashion.