70 years of Porsche

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Cayenne: A seismic break in the automaker’s sports car tradition, the Cayenne crossover first went on sale in the U.S. in March 2003. Co-developed with Volkswagen, the model immediately made an impact on Porsche’s bottom line, boosting revenues and bringing in new customers. It was initially offered in two variants, the Cayenne S with a 340-hp V-8 or the Cayenne Turbo with a 450-hp V-8. The crossover brought out strong emotions, too. Autoweek ran reader reaction in 2001 with two readers comparing the Cayenne’s looks to the infamous Pontiac Aztek, while one went so far as to say it was “a disgrace to the Porsche name.” Now in its third generation, the Cayenne has been instrumental in the brand’s global sales growth.