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Freshened GM full-size pickups
9:24 am U.S. ET | May 5
Recent spy photos signal that General Motors is freshening its Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size, light-duty pickups, which have been panned for bland exterior ...

Sleek Malibu may be just the start for GM
12:01 am U.S. ET | May 4
Much of General Motors' sedan lineup in coming years will go on the same diet that shaved a whopping 300 pounds from the redesigned 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. ...

Hooray for GM's 500 millionth vehicle?
10:39 am U.S. ET | May 4
GM today is celebrating its 500 millionth vehicle. But GM knows -- perhaps better than any company on the planet -- that the ability to manufacture a lot of product, in a ...

A Kentucky dealer's cup overfloweth
12:01 am U.S. ET | May 4
Don Moore turned an old drive-thru pharmacy window into an in-house coffee shop, which serves as a visible symbol of his main philanthropic pursuit: helping the homeless ...

Crossovers push GM to 5.9% increase
2:30 pm U.S. ET | May 1
General Motors' April sales rose 5.9 percent, as booming crossover demand offset continued weakness in GM's car lines. GM's retail sales rose 5.3 percent while deliveries ...

GM to spend $5.4 billion on U.S. plant upgrades over 3 years
10:30 am U.S. ET | April 30
GM will invest $5.4 billion in upgrades to its U.S. manufacturing plants over the next three years, creating 650 new jobs. ...

Cadillac prices CTS-V about $10K below rivals
3:35 pm U.S. ET | April 29
Cadillac said today that its track-ready 2016 CTS-V sedan will start at $83,995 when it goes on sale in late summer. ...

To EV or not to EV: The China question
12:01 am U.S. ET | April 27
As automakers race to comply with China's increasingly stringent emissions rules, they are conflicted about the best electric-vehicle strategy and about whether the Beiji ...

Recalled program cars vex GM, hurt profits
12:01 am U.S. ET | April 27
Late last year, General Motors decided to hold off on auctioning many of its retired rental vehicles because of depressed prices. ...

GM paid Barra $16.2 million in 2014
11:00 am U.S. ET | April 24 | UPDATED: 4/24/15 12:21 pm ET - adds new links
GM CEO Mary Barra received $16.2 million in total compensation during her first year leading the automaker, GM said in a regulatory filing today. Barra's payout included ...

Buick chief says new China duties won't distract from 'a lot more to do' in U.S.
6:00 am U.S. ET | April 24
In the year since he took over the Buick and GMC brands in the U.S., Duncan Aldred has made a lot of fans among dealers. ...

GM profit rises, aided by North America
7:45 am U.S. ET | April 23 | UPDATED: 4/23/15 4:15 pm ET - adds stock close
General Motors posted stout first-quarter profits from truck sales in North America, but trouble in Russia and Brazil and lingering fallout from last year's recall binge ...

Why it could be the Volt's time to shine in China
7:17 am U.S. ET | April 20
How can GM drive down the Chevy Volt's cost enough to make it affordable to more people, and eventually turn a profit? Sell a boatload of them in a Chinese market that's ...

Chevrolet explores autonomous driving with FNR concept
8:56 pm U.S. ET | April 20
Having just declared its goal of hitting 1 million vehicle sales in China by 2020, Chevrolet revealed a futuristic concept car at the Shanghai auto show meant to showcase ...

In short order, Dan Ammann has soared to GM's top operations jobs
12:01 am U.S. ET | April 20
After a surprise career change and startling ascension, Dan Ammann now oversees General Motors' operations around the world. ...

Reuss: CT6 underpinnings could support a big Buick
12:01 am U.S. ET | April 20
General Motors may base a Buick flagship sedan on the same large, rear-wheel-drive platform used for the new Cadillac CT6, says GM product chief Mark Reuss. But it won't ...

Cadillac CT6 to offer plug-in hybrid electric technology
3:28 pm U.S. ET | April 19
Cadillac will add an available plug-in hybrid electric propulsion system to its upcoming range-topping CT6 sedan. The new PHEV system is expected to more than double the ...

2016 Cadillac ELR to get $10,000 price cut, more power
11:24 am U.S. ET | April 15
Cadillac said it will slash $10,000 from the price of the light-selling ELR plug-in hybrid for the 2016 model year. ...

Cadillac CT6 underpinnings could support a big Buick
11:15 am U.S. ET | April 14
Now that General Motors has christened its large, rear-wheel-drive platform, code-named Omega, with the debut of the Cadillac CT6 sedan, what other cars might go onto tha ...

Chevy cuts price, adds incentives for Spark EV
1:00 pm U.S. ET | April 14 | UPDATED: 4/14/15 1:22 pm ET - adds link
Chevrolet is cutting the sticker price on the Spark EV by $1,650 and adding cash incentives that will allow buyers to get the battery electric minicar for as low as $14,9 ...

Caddy: Not yet ready for S-class fighter
12:01 am U.S. ET | April 6
Cadillac executives made clear that the CT6 large sedan unveiled last week at the auto show here isn't a big-boy, ultraluxury entry meant to compete head-on with the powe ...

Chevy needs a clutch hit to make Malibu a player
12:01 am U.S. ET | April 6
Chevy's 2016 Malibu represents an all-out bid to elevate its status in the fiercely competitive midsize sedan segment, one in which every automaker must bring its A game. ...

GM is learning to pick its battles, Ammann says
12:01 am U.S. ET | April 4
General Motors' decision last month to end production and most sales in Russia reflects a greater inclination by its executives to place bets where the company can win -- ...

Redesigned Chevy Spark grows up
7:00 pm U.S. ET | April 1
Chevrolet unveiled a leaner and “more mature” Spark for the U.S., the minicar that has evolved from a curious gambit by GM nearly three years ago to a key par ...

Malibu? Not the biggest splash at Chevy this week
2:34 pm U.S. ET | April 1
The major Chevy ad campaign that rolls out starting today is more important than any single vehicle, including the retooled 2016 Malibu. Here's why. ...

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