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Washington D.C. -- Volkswagen, Audi Reporter
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Recent authored articles

Service adviser overtime case ain't over

The Supreme Court stopped short of settling once and for all the broader question of whether exemptions in overtime rules should apply to dealership service advisers, leaving open the possibility that the dispute could...

Tesla case puts plant labor in spotlight

Eisenmann Corp., a construction contractor at the center of a report about labor abuses and safety lapses at a Tesla plant, is investigating all supplier contracts, a probe that could touch other automakers.

V2V rollout hits critical stage

After more than a decade of r&d, vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology is reaching a key political juncture that could determine when and how “talking” cars appear on our roads.

NHTSA tests just-in-time recalls

NHTSA's new approach to Takata inflator recalls aims to anticipate defects and reduce the strain on parts suppliers.

Motorcycle, auto stores ride in tandem

By leveraging the market expertise and used sales operation of its Harley-Davidson dealership, Sheehy Auto Stores now has a more efficient way to handle motorcycle trade-ins.