In a city of millions, GM feels detached

If you couldn't find General Motors at the New York show, you wouldn't have been alone.

Tucked away, a long walk from the action of the main hall, was GM's exhibit space. All of its brands were in one place, but nowhere near all of the other brands in New York.

And for much of Wednesday there wasn't a lot of foot traffic.

What gives about the exclusivity?

It seems to be a product of the decision made by GM two years ago -- during more modest times -- to move into a separate hall.

On the main show day -- with the major launch of the revamped Impala -- it really placed GM far from the action.

Privately, GM executives complained about the location and are seeking a change.

But next year the Javits Center is undergoing a renovation and GM might not have the option to move.

Said one GM exec: "We've got great stuff! We'd love to have more people see our product."