These days, Chevy belongs to the world

The unveiling of "Find new roads" as Chevrolet's new tag line brings a flood of memories of great and not-so-great Chevy ads.

The classic, best-of-them-all has to be Dinah Shore singing "See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet." Hey, how many other advertising jingles from six decades ago can you hum?

Some Automotive News readers, noting the strength of "See the U.S.A.," already are criticizing "Find new roads" for not sufficiently playing up Chevy's image as an American brand.

Chevy today is a global brand. Yes, it needs to be proud of its American-ness. But its marketing also has to resonate in the world's largest auto market: China. Doing both is the challenge facing Chevy's marketing team.

Besides, I can't help but wonder: Did "See the U.S.A." really resonate with buyers in Canada?