Automotive News Europe honors the 2014 Rising Stars

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BRUSSELS -- Fourteen young and talented automotive executives have been honored as Rising Stars within the automotive industry by Automotive News Europe.

The gala ceremony to celebrate the 2014 Rising Stars winners took place at Concert Noble in Brussels, Belgium, Tuesday night.

The fourth annual Rising Stars awards recognize fast-rising auto leaders who are already taking big steps forward in the industry. From automakers to suppliers, manufacturing to design, logistics to purchasing, each Rising Star has spearheaded change and made progress up the career ladder.

Selected as 2014 Rising Stars are:

• Fabrizio Curci – Fiat Chrysler (Mopar) – Aftersales & Service

• Sandra van Tongern – Ford of Europe – Communications

• Pierre Authier – PSA/Peugeot-Citroen – Design

• Virgilio Fernandez Hernandez – Fiat Chrysler – Design Interiors

• Alexander Hitzinger – Porsche – Engineering

• James Sheehan – Benteler – Finance

• Steve Zanlunghi – Fiat Group UK – General Management

• Gayla Cowie – Nissan – Human Resources

• Mike Bell – Jaguar Land Rover – Information Technology

• Patrice Bony – PSA/Peugeot-Citroen – Manufacturing

• Etienne Henry – Nissan – Marketing

• Craig Price – Dana – Purchasing

• Lars Himmer – Volkswagen Group – Sales OEM

• Robert Schnell – Faurecia – Sales Non-OEM

"These 14 individuals have distinguished themselves as highly motivated, highly capable leaders who are very deserving of the Rising Star award. As we have seen with many of our past winners, we expect this year’s Rising Stars award recipients to continue their fast and steady climb within their organizations and within the industry," Automotive News Europe Editor Luca Ciferri said.

The prestigious Automotive News Europe Rising Stars awards are jointly presented with our sponsors, PwC and Sunderland City Council, as well as our partner, Magma People.

A Rising Star is an automotive executive with a pan-European profile who has driven change, fostered innovation and made courageous decisions. To qualify, candidates should have a minimum of 10 years of work experience, have multiple language skills and be 45 years or younger. Nominations are accepted from carmakers, suppliers, automotive service providers and retail/aftersales businesses.

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