BMW introduces charging app for i3 owners in U.S.

BMW says the app could save customers nearly $400 (295 euros) annually on electricity costs for charging.
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BMW has introduced a smart charging app in the United States that helps i3 owners save money on charging their cars at home by identifying the hours during which electricity is cheapest. BMW says the app has the potential to save customers nearly $400 (295 euros) annually.

The app is available for Android and Apple devices, and is integrated into the iRemote App, which sends drivers information about vehicle temperature, status, charging times and related costs on their i3.

For an initial phase, the app will be offered only to BMW's Electronauts. That's the company's name for its i3 early adopter program in the U.S., which started in 2012.

The app uses a direct connection to a national energy-rate database, hosted by BMW partner Genability. BMW says the app allows drivers to adjust their charging strategy even weeks in advance.

“BMW is dedicated to improving the at-home charging experience for customers so they can best optimize their electric vehicles for daily use. The BMW smart charging app provides BMW i3 drivers with an easy-to-use app that is integrated with the vehicle,” said Julian Lienich at BMW.

The charging app will be available to all U.S.-based i3 and i8 customers next year, BMW said.

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