The Elkann style: Sustainability … at Ferrari speed

Lapo Elkann with KC Crain, Automotive News Europe Group Publisher.
Andrea Malan is Automotive News Europe's Italy correspondent.
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Lapo Elkann, scion of the Agnelli family and still part owner of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ferrari, showed at the Automotive News Europe Congress on Wednesday that he has not lost his knack for provocation.

“Let’s be sincere. Everybody now speaks about sustainability because it’s good for marketing,” Elkann told Automotive News Europe Group Publisher KC Crain.

As evidence of his promoting sustainability, Elkann explained that during the restoration of the old gas station that is now the Milan headquarters of his company, Garage Italia, he chose “smog eating” coating for the building, even if he had to spend 15 percent more.

As usual, Lapo is working on a number of projects with Garage Italia, which is mainly active in customizing anything from cars to boats to furniture.

Among his plans: to work for the hotel industry and open an office in the U.S.

Elkann aims for a “720-degree life experience,” but he doesn’t want to be “the usual Lapo who runs too fast.” Stay tuned.

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