Paris Auto Show

Au revoir: Paris just doesn't do it for Ford this year

Ford will skip this autumn's Paris auto show, claiming the timing doesn't fit with its launch schedule.The biennial show held in the French capital claims it is the world's largest, with 1.2 million visitors attending in 2014. "It's about picking ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 1

Honda says it's committed to hybrids in Europe

PARIS -- Honda said it remains committed to hybrids in Europe and will import a gasoline-electric hybrid version of its next Jazz subcompact in 2016, a year after the conventionally-powered new Jazz goes on sale. Along with Toyota, Honda was an ... Oct. 15, 2014 11:10 European CT

Citroen mulls production of SUV-styled C1

PARIS -- Citroen will launch a production version of the C1 Urban Ride concept if public response is favorable, the brand's CEO Linda Jackson said. Citroen is asking visitors to its stand at the Paris auto show, which ends Oct. 19, to vote on ... Oct. 14, 2014 10:36 European CT

Porsche rejects entry-level roadster -- again

PARIS -- After thinking about it long and hard, Porsche has abandoned the idea of building an entry-level roadster. "You won't see anything lower than the current Boxster model," said Detlev von Platen, CEO of Porsche Cars North America. "We had ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 6

Paris show hits and misses

There were more hits than misses at the Paris auto show, a sign that even with a sluggish European market, automakers are willing to take chances with new designs. Here's one man's take on some of the highlights of the show.   ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 6

Hybrid Chrysler minivan will hit market in '15, a year early

PARIS — Chrysler Group will launch a plug-in hybrid version of the next-generation Chrysler Town & Country minivan late next year. CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed the new vehicle at the auto show here. It will arrive about a year earlier ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 6

Crossover appeal

For the Toyota C-HR compact crossover concept, “we wanted a very strong lower mass to give a crossover feeling, but also wanted it to have agility and a dynamic aspect,” said Lance Scott, head of the Toyota studio in Nice, France, that ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 6

Betting on Russia, despite turmoil

PARIS — It sounds risky, but many auto executives say that the best response to Western sanctions against Russia is to continue investing there. Russian light-vehicle sales were down 12 percent in the first eight months of this year, ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 6

Bentley crossover is coming to U.S., along with store upgrades

PARIS — Bentley expects its U.S. dealers to comply with a new corporate identity standard that is being rolled out for dealerships globally by the time they receive a new, as-yet-unnamed crossover. The U.S. will get about 28 percent of the ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 6

Infiniti plans family of smaller, more powerful engines

PARIS — Infiniti is developing a family of aluminum engines that will begin hitting the market within two years, promising more horsepower for its higher end cars. The first of the new group to appear will be a 3.0-liter twin turbo V-6. ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 6

Horbury crafts Geely design team, language

PARIS — Peter Horbury has faced three mind-bending design challenges in his career: Injecting style into Volvo starting in the early ’90s, rejuvenating Ford’s moribund North American styling in the mid-2000s, and his current ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 6

Luxury makers move into new hot spots

PARIS -- As luxury car sales grow, premium brands are racing into new segments to capture buyers. Luxury-segment executives at last week's Paris auto show made it clear that they intend to attack new corners of the business as high-end customers ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 5

Bugatti is shielded from VW cost reductions as it works on Veyron successor

PARIS (Reuters) -- Volkswagen keeps lavishing money on supercar maker Bugatti, its most exclusive brand, even as the German group plans painful cuts in its core auto business. Bugatti is working "very intensively" on a successor to the Veyron, CEO ... Oct. 5, 2014 10:31 European CT

Monza to set tone for next Buick Regal

PARIS — The next-generation Opel Insignia — which will be rebadged as the next Buick Regal sedan for the U.S. market — will be more premium and take styling cues from the lithe Monza concept car that Opel revealed in 2013. ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 4

Fiat retools Jeep as 500X SUV to show Chrysler merger is street ready

PARIS -- With the new pint-sized Fiat 500X, CEO Sergio Marchionne wants to show his vision for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV is ready for the street. The trendy Italian crossover model has a roundish front and curvy rear reminiscent of the iconic ... 2:15 pm U.S. ET | Oct. 3

Bentley joins ultra-luxury fast lane with Mulsanne Speed

PARIS -- Bentley, the venerable British carmaker known for comfort and style, is moving into the fast lane of ultra-luxury cars with a new version of its flagship saloon, aiming to grab a bigger slice of a market expected to double in size by 2018. ... 10:04 am U.S. ET | Oct. 3

Toyota hoping for Prius-like success with European launch of fuel cell car

PARIS -- While other carmakers are slow to roll out fuel cell cars onto the market given the high price and poor infrastructure, Toyota believes if you build it, they will come. Normally before developing a new product, an automaker will first ... Oct. 3, 2014 15:11 European CT

Jeep ponders switch to aluminum for next Wrangler body, Marchionne says

PARIS -- The next-generation Jeep Wrangler may be built off a unibody platform, feature smaller and turbocharged engines, and switch to an aluminum body, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne said. Such significant changes to the hot- ... 11:21 am U.S. ET | Oct. 2 | UPDATED: 10/2/14 5:18 pm ET - adds details

Luxury brands standardize models to aid buyers, boost margins

PARIS -- Mercedes-Benz and BMW are aiming to sell more standardized cars and services to boost profit margins and simplify the complex list of options for buyers -- while also giving them the choice of a bespoke car if they want. The move is partly ... 9:00 pm U.S. ET | Oct. 2 | UPDATED: 10/3/14 11:14 am ET - adds Volvo details

BMW to boost i3, i8 availability in U.S.

PARIS -- BMW plans to allocate a higher share of i electric and plug-in hybrid output for the U.S. in the coming months, Ian Robertson, the company’s board member for sales and marketing, said today. BMW has sold 10,000 i3 compact electric ... 2:07 pm U.S. ET | Oct. 2

Opel chief Neumann vows to make good on Barra's profit promise

PARIS -- A day after his boss assured investors of a return to profitability in Europe by 2016, Opel chief Karl-Thomas Neumann outlined the reasons he believes he can deliver. Neumann said General Motors' Opel unit will grow its market share by ... 11:23 am U.S. ET | Oct. 2

Renault bets on SUV looks to revive Espace

PARIS (Reuters) -- Renault has transformed the Espace into a crossover, ditching its boxy minivan looks as it seeks to revive the vehicle's previous success. Illustrating a market shift to more rugged-looking vehicles, the fifth-generation Espace -- ... Oct. 2, 2014 10:46 European CT

Lamborghini unveils 910-hp plug-in hybrid Asterion

PARIS -- Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said the 910-hp Asterion LPI 910-4 plug-in hybrid supercar concept unveiled at the Paris auto show is a "ground-breaking, crucial step" for the Volkswagen-owned company. The mid-engine, all-wheel-drive ... Oct. 2, 2014 09:45 European CT

Fiat expects 500X's Italian styling to win sales in booming segment

PARIS -- Fiat is touting the 500X's Italian design as a standout feature that will help the car win sales in the booming but hotly contested subcompact crossover segment. The 500X's styling reflects the cute iconic design of the 500 minicar from ... Oct. 2, 2014 12:37 European CT

Infiniti Q80 will boost brand in Europe, exec says

PARIS -- Infiniti says a production version of its Q80 Inspiration concept will help the brand establish credibility in Europe. Francois Goupil de Bouille, Infiniti's European boss, said a production version of the large four-door concept sedan ... Oct. 2, 2014 09:17 European CT

VW, Porsche, Lamborghini roll out plug-in hybrids

PARIS -- Volkswagen Group premiered four plug-in hybrids in Paris on Wednesday, the eve of the auto show here. The VW Passat GTE and Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid production cars, as well as the Lamborghini Asterion and XL Sport concepts, are ... Oct. 1, 2014 23:33 European CT

Lamborghini, Ferrari supercars join fuel sippers as show stars

Supercars such as a new 900hp Lamborghini and the Ferrari 458 Speciale A will line up alongside fuel-efficient plug-in hybrids such as the VW Passat GTE at the Paris auto show. The highly anticipated Mercedes-AMG GT and Jaguar XE will also be on ... Oct. 1, 2014 06:01 European CT

VW’s XL Sport concept full of surprises

PARIS -- Volkswagen dropped a surprise here tonight, rolling out the XL Sport concept on the eve of press previews for the Paris auto show. The biggest surprise, though, is the XL Sport’s engine -- a V-twin adapted from the VW Group’s ... 5:12 pm U.S. ET | Oct. 1

Jaguar XE to offer awd, diesel engine in U.S.

PARIS -- The Jaguar XE compact sedan will launch with optional all-wheel drive and a four-cylinder diesel engine when it goes on sale in the U.S. The sedan won’t be on sale in the U.S. until 2016 -- as a 2017 model year vehicle -- because ... 7:59 am U.S. ET | Oct. 1

Opel expects new Corsa to remain a best seller

PARIS -- General Motors' Opel/Vauxhall unit hopes its heavily reworked Corsa hatchback will remain a best seller for the money-losing carmaker, despite the fact that the subcompact is still using an older platform. The Corsa rolls off the assembly ... Oct. 1, 2014 15:48 European CT

Europe's struggling auto recovery overshadows Paris glamour

MUNICH (Bloomberg) -- Self-driving vehicles and smartphone integration will be among the top features at Europe's biggest auto show this year, as executives focus on something that's become increasingly hard to come by: buyers. The slow recovery in ... Sept. 30, 2014 11:30 European CT

Ferrari will unveil top-performing 458 Speciale

Ferrari will build 499 units of the 458 Speciale A convertible, which is the top-performing convertible version of the mid-engine 458 Speciale sports car range. The 458 Speciale A has the most powerful naturally aspirated engine built by the ... Sept. 30, 2014 10:10 European CT

Renault Clio will be first production car with upscale trim line

RENNES, France -- Renault will launch its upscale Initiale Paris trim line on its Clio subcompact. The company will unveil a Clio Initiale Paris variant at the Paris auto show on Thursday. The car will go on sale shortly after the show, a Renault ... Sept. 30, 2014 12:17 European CT

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration points to brand's design direction

The large four-door fastback concept that Infiniti will unveil at the Paris auto show this week signals the styling for a stream of new products planned over the next four years. Infiniti last week released an image of the Q80 Inspiration, which it ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 29

Fiat 500X unlikely to steal sales from Jeep Renegade, analysts say

MILAN, Italy -- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will soon bring to market the Fiat 500X, just months after the launch of the Jeep Renegade, but industry watchers don't expect the 500X to cannibalize sales from its sister model. The 500X, which will be ... Sept. 26, 2014 06:01 European CT

Renault concept rivals VW's 1-liter car for fuel economy

RENNES, France -- Renault says the Eolab concept that it will unveil at next month's Paris auto show previews fuel-saving technologies that will appear gradually on its production cars before 2020. The Eolab's fuel consumption is as low as 1 liter ... Sept. 26, 2014 06:01 European CT

Renault's new Espace gets major makeover

Renault’s big, boxy Espace large minivan will be transformed into a sleek-looking crossover that’s more in line with what European customers want. Renault released photos but provided few details about the next-generation Espace in a ... Sept. 25, 2014 16:46 European CT

Ford Mondeo gets power boost to better battle Passat

LONDON -- The new Ford Mondeo will get more powerful engines, a more diverse powertrain lineup and more advanced features to better compete against the Volkswagen Passat in Europe's midsize segment. Ford also will aim its new top-of-the-line ... Sept. 25, 2014 12:15 European CT

Audi reveals open-air TT with faster, lighter top

FRANKFURT -- Audi released the first images of its third-generation TT Roadster softtop cabriolet on Wednesday, teasing buyers ahead of the two-seat model’s debut at the Paris auto show next week. Much of the new TT Roadster's technical ... Sept. 24, 2014 19:53 European CT

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration signals a fastback future

Infiniti released an image today of a large four-door fastback concept that signals the styling for a stream of new products planned over the next four years. The Q80 Inspiration, which Infiniti says will be the basis for a future model, represents ... 1:44 pm U.S. ET | Sept. 23

Toyota concept shows Europe-led design shift

LONDON -- Toyota turned to its styling center in Europe to create the "emphatic new design language" displayed on the C-HR crossover concept the automaker will display at the Paris auto show next week. The hybrid-powered C-HR hints at the type of ... Sept. 23, 2014 06:01 European CT

French automakers focus on fuel economy as rivals push zoom factor

French automakers will focus on ultra fuel-efficient concepts at the Paris auto show while their rivals showcase sporty cars such as the Mercedes-AMG GT, Jaguar XE and Mazda MX-5/Miata. Here are some key Paris world premieres during press days Oct. ... Sept. 22, 2014 06:01 European CT

Sports cars to shine in City of Light

The spotlight will be on sports cars at the Paris auto show, with debuts of models such as the Mercedes-AMG GT, Mazda MX-5 Miata and Audi TT roadster. Two former Ford-owned brands, Jaguar and Volvo, also have important launches -- Jaguar's XE ... 12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 22 | UPDATED: 9/22/14 1:18 pm ET

Mini will show new 5-door hatchback at Paris

OXFORD, England -- Mini brand will unveil its first five-door hatchback at next month's Paris auto show. With the Mini five-door, the BMW-owned brand is targeting customers who want something bigger than the three-door Mini but don’t want to ... Sept. 19, 2014 14:52 European CT

Toyota concept previews new crossover

Toyota will unveil the C-HR concept at the Paris auto show Oct. 2. The concept previews a potential new entry in Europe's booming crossover segment. Toyota released a teaser image of the model but gave few details except to say the concept has a ... Sept. 18, 2014 06:01 European CT

SsangYong set to join expanding subcompact SUV segment

SUV specialist SsangYong will preview a subcompact crossover at the Paris auto show next month with its XIV concept. A production version called the X100 will be launched next year, a SsangYong spokesman told Automotive News Europe. SsangYong, ... Sept. 18, 2014 11:46 European CT

Honda reveals longer, sleeker, sportier Jazz

Honda has released pictures and details of its next-generation Jazz subcompact car. The near-production prototype, which will be unveiled at the Paris auto show next month, shows a car that's sleeker and longer than the current model. Sporty ... Sept. 17, 2014 12:44 European CT

Ford will debut new S-Max at Paris show

LONDON -- Ford Motor will debut the new S-Max at the Paris auto show Oct. 2 ahead of the minivan's sales launch in Europe next summer. The S-Max will be the second model after the Mondeo to have an upscale version using the automaker's new Vignale ... Sept. 15, 2014 17:28 European CT

Divine concept reflects Citroen DS's design direction

RENNES, France – Citroen’s DS brand is hinting at its future styling with the Divine concept car that will debut at next month's Paris auto show. The fresh look will increase the differentiation between DS cars and mainstream Citroen ... Sept. 14, 2014 06:01 European CT

Honda revives the HR-V to attract younger buyers

LONDON -- Honda will revive the HR-V name for its new subcompact SUV when it goes on sale in Europe in the middle of next year. Like the original HR-V SUV sold in the region until 2006, the new car will target a younger audience than those buying ... Sept. 11, 2014 06:01 European CT

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