Headlines for Monday, March 18, 2013

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Renault CEO Ghosn clings to China for electric car boost

China will save the electric car, Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn predicts - and with it the vision of battery-powered motoring on which he has staked his credibility. Ghosn has invested a bigger share of his companies' cash into the technology than any other mass-market carmaker. Read More »

Ghosn favors incentives to revive Europe car demand

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn supports scrapping incentives to mitigate falling demand for new cars in Europe, which is headed toward a sixth straight year of decline as austerity measures keep customers out of showrooms. Read More »


Tougher CO2 emission limits could get EU on road to growth, study says

Proposed European legislation to cut CO2 emissions from Europe's new cars to 95g/km could create about 400,000 jobs and save tens of billions of euros in fuel costs, a study said. The European Parliament will vote on the proposals on Tuesday. Read More »


VW to recall vehicles in China on complaints about gearbox

VW plans to recall vehicles in China after drawing scrutiny from the nation's quality inspector and state broadcaster over its direct shift gearbox. Read More »


Good outweighs bad in Renault Zoe EV

The good things about the Renault Zoe electric car – it's quiet, comfortable and affordable – outweigh the bad, especially for people who drive short distances everyday and have a way to charge the battery at work and home. Read More »


VW profit lead over Toyota under threat as demand wobbles

VW CEO Martin Winterkorn achieved the company's goal of surpassing rivals GM and Toyota in profit in 2012 but this year's race will be tighter as Toyota bounces back. Read More »

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