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A transformative decade for the country, the industry and NADA

From 2001-2012, Phil Brady served as president of NADA. Here, in his own words, is an account of those years.


GM plans to announce $1 billion in U.S. investments, creating 1,000 jobs

UPDATED: 1/16/17 9:43 pm ET - adds detail

General Motors, days after being called out by President-elect Donald Trump for expanding operations in Mexico, plans to announce U.S. investments totaling at least $1 billion that would create more than 1,000 jobs, two people with knowledge of the plan said late Monday.

A lighter Traverse with high-end trim levels

After a first generation that has been forced to last nine years, the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse has a more trucklike appearance.

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Bentley thinks best bet for its buyers is plug-in hybrid EV

It's a scenario scary enough to give any chauffeur the sweats: You're en route to pick up your boss who's headed to a crucial meeting -- or date -- and the all-electric ultraluxury sedan you're driving doesn't have enough juice to get there. Forget range anxiety. That's job anxiety.

Asia's luxury brands charge into EVs

Lexus, Genesis, Acura and Infiniti are considering EV offerings - in some cases to meet emissions rules, in others because zippy, futuristic EV cachet enhances the luxury buzz.

How Ford's hybrid push might play out

It's rare when an automaker reveals product plans three years in advance. But that's what Ford Motor Co. did last week when CEO Mark Fields explained how the company will spend some of the $4.5 billion it has committed to developing 13 electrified vehicles by 2020.

Is the industry zooming toward a battery shortage?

Automakers are under increasing pressure to electrify their powertrains to meet toughening global emissions regulations. The big question is whether there will be enough battery cells available in the next decade to meet the projected fast-rising demand.

Faraday will take your money now

Faraday Future ended a spotty car reveal last week asking for $5,000 deposits on a vehicle with no announced price or release date.

Is it finally EVs' time? Predictions vary widely

EV predictions still vary widely. Financial analysts at Exane BNP Paribas bullishly forecast that EVs will have a 16 percent share of global vehicle sales by 2025 while IHS Markit believes that figure will be 3.4 percent.

GM's journey from Volt to Bolt

By some measures, the Chevy Volt was a flop, but it set GM on a path that culminated in last month's launch of the Chevy Bolt, a battery-powered car that presages a future with self-driving vehicles that consumers might share rather than own.

Researchers map rough road to reducing vehicle weight

Plastics have seen increased opportunities to get onto North American-made cars and trucks as automakers work to improve their fleets' fuel economy. But the real growth lies ahead, when the need to reduce mass from today's cars climbs to 15 percent and higher.

Honda basks in glow from its Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda's third-generation hydrogen-powered car will likely earn the brand kudos and attention for being bigger and more capable than the competing Toyota Mirai. But Honda's bigger challenge lies outside its fuel-cell comfort zone.

100,000 EVs and counting on Norway's roads

Norway may be a small country, but it's a global giant when it comes to electric vehicles. Last week, the country announced a milestone - 100,000 all-electric vehicles on the road.

How Lucid plans to turn Air into substance

Lucid Motors did the easy part last week with the unveiling of its Air electric luxury sedan. But now a crucial -- and far less sexy -- task sits atop the company's to-do list: actually building it.

Chinese billionaire's EV startups map ambitious plans

Three electric-vehicle startups funded by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting will show off new prototype vehicles at the giant CES 2017 trade show in Las Vegas next month, with one of the companies privately mapping out an ambitious 10-year, 12-vehicle rollout, according to two former executives.