M-B finds a better way around the 'chicken tax'

Mercedes-Benz is investing in South Carolina after years of producing vans through an odd global supply stream to sidestep U.S. tariffs.

Porsche's 4-cyl. Macan tops expectations

Since arriving this summer, the four-cylinder-powered Porsche Macan has become 40 percent of the nameplate's mix, answering the question of whether U.S. customers would accept a four-cylinder engine in a Porsche. Many of the buyers are new to the brand.

Texas auto auction company acquired by Capital Partners for XLerate Group

Huron Capital Partners, a Detroit investment group, has acquired a Texas-based auto auction for one of its portfolio companies, the Indianapolis-

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Ford dives into city of tomorrow

Ford Motor Co. wants to create futuristic urban utopias where curbsides don't get clogged with illegal parking; where eco-friendly bicycles help commuters navigate the final mile of their trips to work; and where key arteries leading into and out of downtowns aren't stifled by heavy traffic during rush hour.

Colorado's rocky roads

Colorado, a boom state that is growing much faster than planners expected, faces a complex road problem. So state officials are looking for solutions, and they may have found one: autonomous vehicles.

Mazda solves its diesel dilemma

Six years and three delays after Mazda proclaimed its readiness to sell diesels in the United States, CEO Masamichi Kogai says his company has finally achieved a way to balance driving performance with clean emissions.

Driverless cars? Count me out

I read Keith Crain's Oct. 17 comment, "Industry is crazy over technology." One factor you never hear mentioned is driver/enthusiast rejection of driverless vehicles.

Intel plans $250 million investment in self-driving tech

Computer chip giant Intel intends to muscle into the fast-growing market for self-driving vehicles. At the Los Angeles Auto Show today, CEO Brian Krzanich said Intel Capital intended to invest more than $250 million over the next two years to develop technology for autonomous vehicles.

Tech company offers self-driving car research kits

PolySync is giving startups the keys to self-driving car prototypes. The autonomous driving software company said it is making available a hardware development kit that can be retrofitted to Kia Souls from 2014 model year and later for self-driving technology research.

Samsung's $8 billion bid for Harman makes big bet on car tech

Samsung's planned acquisition of Harman would give the supplier a major leg up in the connected- and autonomous-vehicle space. The $8 billion deal -- announced today and expected to close in mid-2017 -- marks Samsung's plan to increase its presence in the industry.

Toyota's growth model turns on services

For eight decades, Toyota's business model was straightforward: Sell more cars, make more profit. But in the future, top Toyota executives say, growth will come not from selling more cars but from selling services that let owners use the cars like mobile phones. The transformation is under way.