Betting billions on unproven tech

It is amazing how boards of directors allow their executives to invest billions in unproven technology for which no one even knows if there is a market, Keith Crain writes.


Don’t expect Piech to disappear

Even as Ferdinand Piech approaches 80, Keith Crain cannot imagine that he will slow down.


Mexico stops sweating over NAFTA

So far, cooler heads on both sides of the border have prevailed on NAFTA, paving the way for negotiations later this year that might keep it alive

Trump has a natural ally in car dealers

America's car dealerships are the paragon of successful Main Street businesses on which Trump heaped praise during his campaign, Mack McLarty writes.

Betting billions on unproven tech

It is amazing how boards of directors allow their executives to invest billions in unproven technology for which no one even knows if there is a market, Keith Crain writes.

COMMENTARY: Dave Guilford
Normal job shuffling gets Trumpified

It happened again last week. President Donald Trump turned his attention to the auto industry, and, sure enough, an automaker coughed up plans to add jobs in the U.S. Sort of.

Leadership diversity is vital for innovation

Automakers need diverse and creative thinking to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities to innovate, writes Randy Miller, global automotive and transportation sector leader at EY.

COMMENTARY: David Undercoffler
Can Hyundai's Ioniq make inroads against Prius?

Since the Toyota Prius went on sale in 2000, nameplates such as Ford's C-Max and Honda's Insight have tried to mount a serious challenge to its domination of the hybrid market. And they have fallen woefully short.

COMMENTARY: Larry P. Vellequette
Does Marchionne grasp lessons of GM-PSA?

The GM-PSA deal comes as vindication for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne, who for years has been preaching about the need for consolidation. But does he grasp the broader lesson of the deal?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Kristin Schondorf
Interiors have no limits, but there are risks

If future drivers don't have to steer, brake or watch the road, their brand preference will be at risk. And that's where interior suppliers have a chance to shine.

A new powerhouse emerges

To say that Carlos Tavares has surprised everyone would be an understatement. Tavares is a bold leader. It will be very interesting to watch PSA. I don't think he is finished.

COMMENTARY: Vince Bond Jr.
Score One for 3rd-party certification

Last month's hacking hoax shows the value of DMS companies knowing who is pulling what data through their systems. The incident could be seen as vindication of sorts for CDK and Reynolds.

COMMENTARY: Keith Crain | UPDATED: 03/06/17 4 am ET - adds Opel-PSA announcement
The incredible shrinking GM

Not long ago General Motors was a juggernaut in the global automobile industry. Sadly, it appears that time has passed.

To women of the auto industry: Be yourself

I'm often asked what it was that attracted me to the automotive industry. It was the heart and art of manufacturing, the people and challenges of every day that had me.

COMMENTARY: Dave Guilford
New GM is real, but hasn't shed some old habits

There's a new General Motors today aggressively reshaping itself to compete in the emerging connectivity-car sharing-autonomous space. But sometimes it's difficult to see New GM. Old GM gets in the way.

COMMENTARY: Sharon Silke Carty
Uber confronts dark side of Silicon Valley culture

Maybe it was some hard-earned experience that led Uber's CEO to respond quickly to the company's latest PR setback: a former engineer's claims of sexist treatment from company managers.

We don't need mechanics anymore

As automotive systems get more and more complex, it will become even more important to have service techs who are really good at using diagnostic tools and making sure that they know what really needs replacing, writes Keith Crain.

Self-driving vehicles: Why the rush?

The idea that the public will share the roads with thousands of driverless vehicles being tested should put a shudder through everyone, writes Keith Crain.

Opel was once the little engine that could

Europe has been a drain on General Motors for a long time, but Opel did have its glory days and at least once helped keep GM afloat. Automotive News Print Editor RIck Johnson was there when it happened.

Dealers, consumers will pay for FCA store expansion

A manufacturer's power to create a new dealership location is the power to destroy any number of existing dealerships within the market, writes Jim Appleton president of the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers.

A car-crazy kid remembers the Chicago show

As a car-crazy lad born and raised in Chicago, the old Chicago auto show was something very special to me. That show was my first real taste of cars, and there was nothing quite like it. There still isn't.

COMMENTARY: Richard Truett
Auto writer leaves lasting influence

Jim Mateja, one of the nation's most trusted auto writers, and a fixture at the Chicago Tribune for four decades, had that tough-as-nails Chicago persona. Mateja, 71, who died last week at age 71 after a battle with cancer, turned a deaf ear to the musings of automaker marketing departments and PR spin-meisters. The only spin he was interested in was where the tire met the road.

NADA looks ready for next century

The most striking part of the National Automobile Dealers Association convention was the large number of vendors offering digital or electronic services to dealerships.