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Looks like they got it right

I don't know how successful Lincoln will be in China, where it is starting a huge marketing and product push, but the luxury brand looks to be making the right moves in North America.


The dealership is not dead - just the way we buy vehicles is

Dealerships need to build bridges that connect the online and in-store experience, says Mike Burgiss, vice president of digital retailing at Cox Automotive.


Why Congress should be concerned about floorplan interest

Congress is deep into the process of rewriting the tax code for a first time in a generation, and the stakes for our industry and the economy couldn't be higher.

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Musk's magic can't last forever

I have nothing but admiration for Elon Musk. He is a remarkable entrepreneur who has achieved many remarkable things. But I believe he has bitten off too much with the Tesla Model 3.

COMMENTARY: Michael Dunne
Will Baidu beat Waymo?

Consultant Michael Dunne said he is betting on China's Baidu, known in the West as the Google of China, to outmanuever Waymo in the self-driving wars.

COMMENTARY: John Creamer Daniel Malone
The industry's second chance to be first in safety

U.S. automakers failed to get out in front of the safety push of the 1960s, and paid a big price. They have a chance to take a different approach in the era of autonomous driving.

COMMENTARY: Michael Wayland
Chevy should follow Cadillac and go after Tesla

Chevy appears to be doing little to nothing to attract the hundreds of thousands of consumers who could wait years for a Tesla Model 3 into a Chevrolet Bolt EV — an actual all-electric car not from "manufacturing Hell."

Throwing the 48-volt switch

I have been around long enough to remember when most cars were equipped with 6-volt batteries. They were cumbersome and never turned the engine over fast enough in cold weather.

Marketing the self-driving car

Let's introduce something that no one wants, no one is willing to pay for and, on top of that, may not be perceived as being safe.

Get self-driving tech into cars now

I have heard a lot about the features and advantages of autonomous vehicles and how they are being tested on some public roads and highways.

The ultimate test for a dealership

In today's world, every dealership is under great pressure to take care of the customer. There are several effective strategies for winning new customers and keeping the old ones.

Best deal: Everybody wins

At the Best Dealerships To Work For, the cry "I got a great deal!" comes from the employees who know they have a sweet deal from their employers. It's a win-win.

Are they betting the farm?

Despite the red flags -- and there are more than a few -- car companies are pursuing electrification. This even without a market to support their efforts and investments.

COMMENTARY: Jesse Snyder
A post-storm lesson in working smart

Houstonians and other Texans simply skipped the traditional post-hurricane sales lull and rushed to dealerships to replace flooded-out rides in September, sparking 2017's first monthly U.S. auto sales gain.

COMMENTARY: Christiaan Hetzner
M-B's 'crazy' idea revived Alabama

Twenty years after Mercedes took the big risk of building an SUV in Alabama, it is underscoring that decision with a $1 billion investment.

It never is their fault

To sell new vehicles successfully in this country, you need a great line of desirable products that are priced right and backed by clever marketing.

COMMENTARY: Michael Wayland
Randy Mott built GM's IT engine

General Motors has accomplished more with its information technology transformation in the last five years than many thought was possible. But it wouldn't have been possible without GM overcoming one its biggest challenges: talent acquisition.