Boost ad budget to challenge web sales

The best thing to do to compete with the growth of online sales is to increase your advertising budget, writes one reader.


Autotrader, Kia capitalize on NBA All-Star Weekend festivities

Autotrader is using NBA All-Star Weekend as a springboard for its latest ad campaign. Kia, meanwhile, has been capitalizing on the All-Star hype this week by giving people in New Orleans free rides through a promotion with Uber.

LotLinx names Dataium founder as president and chief product officer

Digital marketing company LotLinx has named Dataium founder Eric Brown its president and chief product officer.

Audi said to get naming rights to D.C. United soccer stadium

Audi will have its name on the new home of Major League Soccer's D.C. United. The agreement, which runs at least a decade, will be one of the three

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50 years of Subaru ads

Subaru's "Love" campaign is among the most recognizable and enduring marketing efforts in the automobile category. But the brand has not always been this consistent.

On UAW scorecard, Buick ad fumbled

If UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada had a Super Bowl commercial hits and misses column, she would apparently place Buick's ad firmly in the miss category.

Dealership reforms would make hiring easier

Almost every dealer we spoke to last month at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in New Orleans agreed that employee hiring and retention is the biggest headache facing today's auto retailers.

Toyota positions two big launches: Camry and C-HR

Toyota's next-generation Camry represents the upstanding citizen in the brand's lineup, albeit with a fancy make-over and a gym membership. The new C-HR crossover is the polarizing wild child crying out for attention.

Mitsubishi plays small ball with ad buys

Mitsubishi doesn't have Super Bowl money to throw around. Neither can it afford to be an official sponsor of a big-time sports league the way Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda and even Kia can, nor plaster its name on a halftime show, like Toyota. But like any scrappy competitor, it's always looking for ways to get into the game.