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Picking up service vehicles helps customers, and the shop


Paragon Honda in New York City's Queens borough, and a sister Acura store a block away, are offering valet pickup for service customers. It has worked out well for both the customers and the dealerships.

How your shop can pick up the slack
Dealers: Online scheduling helps customers and shops

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Racing in the shop lanes

Annual Pinewood Derby-like race gives employees a chance to flash their car-design chops and have a little fun -- all in the name of team building.

Service on a smartphone

Dealership websites still are the primary portal for making online service appointments. But more consumers are ditching desktop and laptop computers and doing business on their smartphones.

Deciding where to go for service

Dealerships are capturing a good chunk of the service business. Discounts and other marketing can draw in more customers, but mainly at the margins, a survey found.

Fast recon boosts high-quality used inventory

As profit margins for new vehicles shrink, dealerships are looking to make more money from selling used cars and trucks. The number of U.S. vehicles coming off lease represents a treasure trove of potential inventory.

New strategies to boost profits from service work

The cost of labor is a key part of the equation that enables a dealership to cover most or all of its fixed expenses through service department income. Fixed ops managers use a variety of new strategies to achieve their profit goals.

Preparing for the storm

Two suburban Houston dealerships, Gay Buick-GMC and Gay Family Kia, were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. But the dealerships' hurricane plan helped limit the damage and hasten their recovery.