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Automotive News Europe is headquartered in Detroit, United States, and celebrates its 17th anniversary in 2013.
ANE remains the leading business-to-business news outlet in more than 30 countries providing invaluable European sales and production data, in-depth looks at new automotive technologies, show guides to the major auto shows, top level interviews and market analyses.
Automotive News Europe, a member of the Automotive News Group, was launched in 1996 as the only pan-European biweekly publication for the automotive industry. It was recognized as the leading authority in the industry, covering automakers, their original equipment suppliers, marketing, technology and distribution networks.
In 2010, Automotive News Europe's format changed to an online-only publication. In 2012, Automotive News Europe launched the Automotive News Europe E-Magazine Edition to complement the already extensive online operation at AutoNewsEurope.com that includes daily and monthly newsletters, breaking news alerts, industry awards, conferences and events.
The site is owned by Crain Communications Inc., publisher of more than 27 special interest publications (see links below), including Automotive News — the pre-eminent newspaper covering the North American automotive industry.

The Automotive News Group
Automotive News Europe is part of the Automotive News Group, which uniquely brings together the entire auto community for its many conferences, programs and awards.

About Crain Communications
An industry leader, Crain Communications Inc. is one of the largest privately-owned business publishers in the U.S. with more than 27 business, trade and consumer publications and related websites in North America, Europe and Asia. As an authoritative source of vital news and information to industry leaders and consumers worldwide, each of the company‘s newspapers, magazines and websites have become required reading in their respective business and consumer sectors

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AutoNewsEurope.com provides the most comprehensive automotive news updates. Throughout the day, you will find news generated using the combined resources of Automotive News Europe, Automotive News, Automotive News China, Autoweek, Bloomberg and Reuters Business News.

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AutoNewsEurope.com offers all your automotive information needs at one Web address. If you have questions about our news coverage, please contact Editor Luca Ciferri at lciferri@crain.com. If you have suggestions regarding the site, please contact us at webmaster@autonews.com. For more information about how to reach us — or how to advertise on AutoNewsEurope.com — go to Contact Us, or check our Media Kit.

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