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Against the clock, one approach doesn't fit all

If a hybrid sales-F&I model isn't the answer to smoother, faster process, what is?

Band together to fight finance fraud, ID theft

Despite risks, auto lenders need to push forward quickly in a group effort to battle finance fraud and identity theft.

Curbing data breaches

To thwart data breaches and identify theft, Mark Pribish, ID theft practice leader at Merchants Information Solutions, has these tips.

Dealers urged to keep eyes open for fraud

Auto finance fraud schemes can trick even the savviest dealerships, so it's imperative to dig deeper into deals, experts say.

Think floorplan fraud is gone? Think again

Floorplan fraud, while becoming less common, according to experts, will probably never fully disappear.

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Hyundai Capital America joins with AutoGravity

Consumers looking to buy a Hyundai, Kia or Genesis model now can shop for and finance their vehicles through Hyundai Capital America using AutoGravity's mobile app and web platform. The partnership launched this month, beginning in California.

Unconcerned about credit

A new survey found franchised dealers don't worry much about credit availability for themselves or their customers, in contrast to their independent-dealer rivals.

Touting credit options? Mail alone won't cut it, Experian says

Having a cohesive marketing strategy across multiple platforms is critical for lenders and dealers looking to push captivating loan offers to consumers, Experian's Bill Butler says. He detailed the company's strategy around digital credit marketing for Automotive News.

Citizens Bank retreats on auto loans

Citizens Bank confirmed it has exited auto lending in 20 states outside the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest this year to pursue a strategy of higher returns on auto loans instead of greater volume.

The faces of fraud

The value of auto loan originations that contain some element of fraud may be as high as $6 billion this year, double last year's level. A special section explores how lenders and dealers can guard against identity theft and finance fraud.

Big Brother is watching, but should he?

As awareness of fraud and identity theft intensfies, will dealerships latch on to video recording as a way to deter misbehavior in the F&I office? Transaction videos have a downside, experts say.

A con artist on your store's staff? It happens

Unsavory practices in dealership F&I departments still happen. But training, check-and-balance systems, better pay plans and just being more vigilant can discourage rogue behavior, industry insiders say.

Fast gains for dealership's slower process

Porsche of Ann Arbor is switching up its F&I process to make it easier on customers and the finance team. The results are higher per-vehicle profits, happier customers and more time to ensure paperwork is legally compliant.

Trying to win 'a game of cat and mouse'

Fraud and identity theft are escalating across the board, and auto lenders have become vigilant, acting to prevent crimes from affecting their business, their dealer clients and customers.