Best Practices

Buy a vehicle, get a personalized website

Sesi Motors sets up personalized websites for customers of its three dealerships as a way to enhance customer retention, by communicating service schedules and more.

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Our Best Practices and Next Practices supplements explore success stories of auto dealers around the country who have implemented best practices within their dealerships.

Dealership group raises cash for cancer patients

In 2012, dealer Craig Gates spearheaded Jolly John's Keep You Truckin, a foundation that provides money for sick "working-class, productive members of society."

Store steps up for hurricane-hit neighbors

Toyota of Slidell in Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago. The store's managers and staff knew they had to find a way to work with dealerships impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Treating new cars like works of art

At many dealerships, customers taking delivery of a new vehicle would be fortunate to walk away with a handshake and keys to the car. But ultraluxury vehicles call for extraordinary experiences.

Dealership ran the numbers, and went grid-neutral

Brandfon Honda is one of only three U.S. Honda stores to reach electric grid neutrality, meaning that the amount of energy used from renewable sources equals or exceeds the amount consumed from local electric utilities.

Tell a friend, but do it online

Max Madsen Auto Group, among other dealerships, has moved its referral programs, which reward customers for referring friends or family to the store, online.

From 'moonshot' to marketing plan

Healey Lincoln is letting five local influencers drive each of Lincoln's five nameplates for a month, on condition they document their drives on social media.

Dealership promotes college savings

Customers rack up points for joining the program and completing certain college-related tasks, and can earn up to $4,000 a year in tuition discounts.