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Why VW is closer than ever to global No. 1

Posted 5:26 am U.S. ET, Jan. 21
blogs Douglas A. Bolduc is Managing Editor at Automotive News Europe.
Volkswagen Group has reason to celebrate after Toyota seemingly conceded the title of world’s largest automaker to its German rival 21 days into the new year. Toyota said today it expects its sales to slump 1 percent to 10.15 million in the current calendar year because of slowing demand in Japan and emerging markets. If that happens and VW manages a slight increas ...
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Zetsche, Tesla's Musk have similar timetables for self-driving cars

Posted 8:00 am U.S. ET, Jan. 14
Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have very similar timetables for when they think autonomous cars will be on the road. Musk said that in five years or less the technology will be advanced enough for fully autonomous driving to be a reality. Then it will take another two to three years to: 1) Prove that self-driving cars are safe. 2) Draw up the rules t ...
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Why Jaguar's founder would love the F-Pace

Posted 12:25 am U.S. ET, Jan. 13
Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum believes that company founder Sir William Lyons would approve of the first crossover in the automaker’s 80-year history. Callum said that Lyons, above all, was an innovator, so he thinks European Automotive Hall of Fame member would love the F-Pace’s “sportiness and pragmatism.” “He would think it’s ab ...
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How to get the U.S. into diesels

Posted 2:30 pm U.S. ET, Nov. 28
European automakers and suppliers have been trying for years to get U.S. drivers excited about diesels. Experience has proved that a test drive can be a deal-maker. At least that was what I witnessed when testing a 2014 BMW X4 diesel with my father when he visited Germany from the U.S. a month ago. He couldn’t believe how powerful, responsive and quiet the X4 was c ...
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Tavares, Palmer, Gales ready to shine in new CEO roles

Posted 2:00 am U.S. ET, Sept. 30
A year ago Carlos Tavares was unemployed, Andy Palmer was Nissan’s global head of planning and Jean-Marc Gales was leading supplier group CLEPA. The three former auto brand No. 2s will have the spotlight all to themselves at the Paris auto show this week. Tavares, 56, rose as high a second-in-command to Carlos Ghosn at Renault before getting restless. He left Renaul ...
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Tough times for Carlos Ghosn

Posted 4:49 am U.S. ET, Sept. 2
It has been a tough 13 months for Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn. Since August 2013 he has had three highly skilled leaders leave the alliance. Nissan Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer is the latest 50-something executive to depart. Palmer, 51, who will become CEO of Aston Martin, follows Johan de Nysschen and Carlos Tavares out the door. De Nysschen, 54, quit his post ...
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