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Key Editorial Contacts
Dave Versical    313-446-6789
Director of Editorial Operations
Richard Johnson    313-446-0371
Editor, Automotive News Print
Phil Nussel    313-446-0373
Editor, Automotive News Online
Tom Worobec    313-446-1607
Editor and Anchor, Automotive News TV
Victor Galvan    313-446-0345
Web Editor (Technical)
Mary Raetz    313-446-0368
Director, Automotive News Data Center
Omari Gardner    313-446-0438
Social Media Coordinator
Key Business Contacts
Jason Stein    313-446-0376
Publisher and Editor
Nicole Wrobel    313-446-5853
CRM & Online Business Director
Rick Greer    313-446-6050
Director of Sales
Sarah Gorajek    313-446-1660
CRM & Digital Media Manager


Editorial                   313-446-0463           Fax: 313-446-0383
Automotive News
Shiraz Ahmed    313-446-0362
Web Producer/ Reporter
Leslie J. Allen    313-446-6088
Managing Editor, Automotive News TV
Krishnan M. Anantharaman    313-446-6788
News Editor
David Barkholz    313-446-6047
Information Technology and Labor Reporter
Ryan Beene    202-662-7216
Washington D.C. -- Volkswagen, Audi Reporter
Vince Bond Jr.    313-446-1653
Reporter and Community Editor
Neal E. Boudette
Staff Reporter
Nick Bunkley    313-446-0360
Staff Reporter - Ford
Lindsay Chappell    615-371-6654
Nissan, Infiniti Reporter
Mike Colias    313-446-1644
GM Reporter
KC Crain    313-446-1681
Group Publisher
Keith Crain    313-446-6001
Debi Domby    313-446-1688
Data Researcher/Data Center
Tom Fetters    313-446-0473
Copy Editor
Patricia C. Foley    313-446-0378
Copy Editor
Victor Galvan    313-446-0345
Web Editor
Omari Gardner    313-446-0438
News/Copy Editor and Social Media Coordinator
Hans Greimel    81-3-3828-9060
Asia Editor, Tokyo
Dave Guilford    313-446-0321
News Editor
Elizabeth Hardy    313 446-1610
Copy Editor
Richard Johnson    313-446-0371
Automotive News Print Editor
Dan Jones    313-446-0463
Office Manager
Diana T. Kurylko    908-273-6059
BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Subaru Reporter
Jamie LaReau    313-446-1637
Retail / F&I Reporter
Hannah Lutz    313-446-1601
Finance & Insurance Reporter
Steve Massie    313-446-1677
Design Director
Jens Meiners    +49-172-201-3832
Europe Correspondent
Gabe Nelson    415-538-0203
Silicon Valley, Tesla, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and Mitsubishi
Philip Nussel    313-446-0373
Automotive News Online Editor
Karen Faust O'Rourke    313-446-0386
News/Copy Editor
Kristen Pantalena    313-446-0396
Executive Assistant
David Phillips    313-446-0477
Automotive News Online Managing Editor
Camille Pippen    313-446-0354
List Researcher/Data Center
Mary Raetz    313-446-0368
Director, Automotive News Data Center
Heather Rowe    313-446-0369
Senior data researcher
Arlena Sawyers    313-446-0380
Used Cars and Auctions Reporter
Jesse Snyder    313-446-6784
Opinion Page Editor
Jason Stein    313-446-0376
Publisher and Editor
James B. Treece    313-446-1604
News Editor
Richard Truett    313-446-1638
Technology and Engineering Reporter
David Undercoffler    310-606-9082
West Coast Bureau Reporter
Mary Beth Vander Schaaf    313-446-0363
Managing Editor
Larry P. Vellequette    313-446-0478
Fiat Chrysler reporter
Dave Versical    313-446-6789
Director of Editorial Operations
Jennifer Vuong    313-446-0372
First Shift Anchor and Producer
Bradford Wernle    313-446-0374
Amy Wilson    678-732-9603
Retail, F&I, Porsche Reporter
Tom Worobec    313-446-1607
Editor and Anchor, Automotive News TV
Corinne Young    313-446-0406
Information Center Manager
Ursula Zerilli    313-446-0397
ANTV Reporter

Automotive News Europe Editorial                              
Douglas A. Bolduc    +49-881-901-0547
Managing Editor
Luca Ciferri    +39-01-19-691-970
Christiaan Hetzner
Automotive News Europe Germany Correspondent
Paul McVeigh    +49-176-7835-3951
Managing Editor

Automotive News China Editorial                              
Yang Jian    86-139-1851-5816
Managing Editor -- Shanghai
David Sedgwick    734-418-0668
Special correspondent


Angela Schutte    313-446-6051
Classified Sales Manager
Scott Vigh    313- 446-0326
Automotive News Classified Sales Representative

Advertising Inquiries    313-446-6031
Automotive News Sales
Russ Procassini    1-313-446-0350
Regional Sales Manager
Karen Rentschler    1-313-446-6058
Regional Sales Manager
Jerry Salame    1-313-446-0481
Regional Sales Manager

Advertising-New York                              
Scott Ghedine    1-212-210-0126
Regional Sales Manager
Henry Woodhouse    1-212-210-0125
Regional Sales Manager

Advertising-Los Angeles                              
Taren Zorn    1-310-426-2416
Regional Sales Manager

Georgia Chapman    +49 (0) 89 5795 9137
Director of European Marketing and Events
Thomas Heringer    +49-81-53-907-404
Advertising Director

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Buick pokes fun at Buick in bid for new buyers

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