Some early insight into Geely's Li

Few Westerners know more about the Chinese auto industry than Michael Dunne.

Lamborghini on the fast track to heaven?

When you're the pope, you tend to get lavish gifts from visitors. Lamborghini just took it up a notch.

Chevy should follow Cadillac and go after Tesla

Chevy appears to be doing little to nothing to attract the hundreds of thousands of consumers who could wait years for a Tesla Model 3 into a Chevrolet Bolt EV — an actual all-electric car not from "manufacturing Hell."

Here's to the brand that never was

On Oct. 21, 1992, Mazda pulled the plug on Amati 14 months after it had been announced and just 18 months before the new line was scheduled to go on sale. The 25th anniversary of that occasion did not pass unnoticed.

The latest in e-racing buzz: Nissan's in

In the course of unveiling Nissan's next wave of electrified vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show last week, global sales boss Daniele Schillaci also declared that the company will enter Formula E racing in 2018.

Why such high insurance?

So you think your car insurance premiums are high? Compare these: Here are the most-expensive cities in some of the states with the highest premiums.

Nissan CEO hands off to Toyota CEO

In decorum-obsessed Japan, the auto industry is cooperating to keep Nissan's recent factory inspection scandal from dimming the glitz at this month's Tokyo Motor Show.