Regulation And Safety

VW bondholders can continue lawsuit, judge rules

A federal judge in California allowed some claims to proceed by bondholders who sued Volkswagen AG over its diesel emissions scandal.

Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.33 million vehicles over fire, airbag risks

Fiat Chrysler recalling 1.33 million vehicles worldwide in two separate campaigns for potential fire risks and inadvertent airbag deployments.

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New CFPB rule prohibits lenders from forcing arbitration

The CFPB banned banks and other financial services companies from including mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts to prevent consumers pursuing claims of wrongdoing from joining class-action lawsuits. The rule could have a wide-ranging impact on automaker's captive finance units and other auto lenders.

Health-care security is an auto industry issue

When this debate concludes, regardless of how it concludes, the result will have a major impact on jobs, employment costs and the disposable income of nearly every American. And that will ultimately affect auto sales.

FCA resumes Ram 1500 diesel output

Fiat Chrysler has begun assembling diesel Ram 1500 pickups again for the first time in months, workers at the company's truck assembly plant in Michigan say, though the automaker and environmental regulators haven't resolved a dispute over alleged excess diesel emissions and undeclared emissions software.