FCA tries to dodge Demon responsibility

It seems I have some company when it comes to concern over how the general public will use/misuse the 840-hp Dodge Demon when it arrives later this year.


BLOG: Volvo's Ingenlath achieves rare feat

Volvo's Thomas Ingenlath is among a small number of designers who have been tapped to lead a brand. So far the results have been mixed.

BLOG: David Phillips
At Honda, tease after tease for a franchise

The American family sedan isn't going the way of the American family wagon any time soon, but Honda, like many rivals, is determined to make it fun again and keep its edge in a waning but still key segment.

BLOG: Hannah Lutz
More upside-down customers won't bring doom

With 32.8 percent of trade-ins on new-vehicle sales underwater and the negative equity amount at nearly $5,200 in the first quarter, the levels are shockingly high, but it's important to remember that multiple levers affect the overall state of the industry.

BLOG: Hannah Lutz
Women and F&I -- let's talk

One finance director says most of the successful F&I managers she knows are women. Yet the assumption lingers that the F&I world is unwelcoming to women and mothers.

BLOG: Luca Ciferri
Data: Gold mine or land mine?

Fully autonomous cars are coming and many automakers believe that these highly connected vehicles will offer lucrative returns from data that they hope to sell to tech companies.

BLOG: Wesley Wren
Jaguar design boss keeps faith in a V-8-powered future

While unveiling his mural at the new National Transport Design Centre at Coventry University, Jaguar design boss Ian Callum talked with the British press about the sweeping change happening in the auto industry.