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A look to the past, to see the future without personal car ownership

The dawn of ride-hailing and autonomous driving signals the end of a time when owning a car was part of the human experience.


How GM can gain from carbon fiber in trucks

We've known for a long time that General Motors was going to respond in a big way to Ford's lightweight aluminum F-150. Here it comes.

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BLOG: Jesse Snyder
Stage set for year-end sprint

November's solid auto sales set the table for annual decision about December's year-end marketing sprint.

BLOG: Eric Kulisch
Vengeance is a factor in post-NAFTA planning

Trump administration officials may believe leaving NAFTA is better for the economy than staying in, but it's not clear they've thought through all the knock-on effects.

BLOG: Hannah Lutz
Are leasing levels still too high?

Leasing levels have held steady in the past few quarters, but are they still dangerously high? AutoNation Inc. CEO Mike Jackson thinks so. Here's why.

BLOG: Richard Truett
A look inside the Infiniti VC-Turbo engine

The variable compression engine debuting next year in the Infiniti QX50 is a really a big deal -- a major reworking of the basic operating principles of the piston-driven internal combustion engine.