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Automotive and Transportation Insights

Welcome to the EY Automotive & Transportation Insights page, featuring videos, insights, opinions, thought leadership, stories and better questions from EY to help automotive leaders in business build a better working world.

EY's six-minute video seminar series brings experts together - from within and outside automotive - to discuss some of the most pressing issues and trends affecting the industry. Our first video (featuring Julia Steyn, General Motors head of urban mobility, and Dr. Chris Borroni-Bird, Qualcomm vice president of strategic development) addresses the forces driving disruption in the industry and how automakers can evolve for the future of mobility.

Remodeling for mobility

Will new mobility mean the end of 'old' automotive?

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How much human do we need in a car?

The evolution of artificial intelligence and the acceptance of autonomous vehicles.

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Urban mobility redefined

Sharing is the new buying

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Will new mobility mean the end of "old" automotive?

Technology, driverless cars and the sharing economy are reshaping transportation. EY's Global Automotive & Transportation team can help your company navigate the world of tomorrow.