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2017 Super Bowl

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Who bought what in Super Bowl 2017?

Alfa Romeo
UPDATED: 2/5/17

Buy: 60-second spot in second quarter; 30-second spots in the third and fourth quarter

Creative: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' attempt to resurrect Alfa Romeo in the U.S. continued on advertising's biggest stage with three spots that delved into the brand's heritage and showcased the Giulia's agility.

Agency: Art Machine

UPDATED: 2/1/17

Buy: 60-second spot in the third quarter

Creative: Audi delivers an emotional message about a father, his daughter and her future.

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

UPDATED: 1/31/17

Buy: 60-second spot in the first quarter

Creative: Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton didn't make it back to the big game this year, so he used his talents to help a crew of Pee Wee footballers in Buick's Super Bowl spot to tout the Cascada and hot-selling Encore. Buick's 60-second spot featuring Newton and supermodel Miranda Kerr is slated to run in the first quarter.

Agency: Engage M-1

UPDATED: 1/31/17

Buy: 90-second ad before kickoff

Creative: Ford touts its burgeoning ride-sharing and bike sharing services, while also plugging self-driving cars that are still under development as the brand takes its mobility message to the masses.

Agency: WPP's Global Team Blue

UPDATED: 2/3/17

Buy: 60-second spot in the second quarter

Creative: Honda takes a trip down memory lane with a crew of celebrities.

Agency: RPA

UPDATED: 2/5/17

Buy: 90-second spot immediately after game ended

Creative: While some companies battled for Super Bowl kickoff and first-quarter ad slots, Hyundai decided to anchor the game with a blast of raw emotion that put a new spin on the familiar tale of reuniting soldiers with their families.

Agency: Innocean USA

UPDATED: 2/1/17

Buy: 60-second spot in third quarter.

Creative: Comedic actress Melissa McCarthy goes on an adventure with the 2017 Kia Niro in "Hero's Journey."

Agency: David & Goliath

UPDATED: 1/31/17

Buy: 30-second spot in second quarter

Creative: The Super Bowl spot signals a contemporary expression of luxury and performance by the Lexus brand, the automaker says. Lexus said the spot "signals the first official use of the brand's new global tagline, "Experience Amazing," reflecting Lexus' historically unyielding commitment to providing the best possible customer experiences."

Agency: Team One

UPDATED: 1/31/17

Buy: 60-second spot in fourth quarter

Creative: Mercedes-Benz tapped Academy Award-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen to guide the luxury brand's fourth trip to the Super Bowl ad game.

Agency: Merkley+Partners

UPDATED: 2/1/17

Buy: 30-second spot during break between the second quarter and halftime for L.A. and San Francisco markets

Creative: The Mirai ad, titled "Daisy," plays on the vehicle's environmental friendliness. In the spot, a flower takes advantage of the water that's emitted from the hydrogen-powered Mirai.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA