Who's buying what in Super Bowl 2014

Automakers treated last year's Super Bowl audience to babies from outer space, a Reggae legend, a wisecracking genie, an ode to America's farmers and a devilish Willem Dafoe.
The commercials will be different, but the hefty roster of auto advertisers signed up for commercials in this year's Big Game looks similarly stout.
This is where we'll be collecting all the commercials and teaser videos that the automotive industry has to offer for advertising's biggest night. Check back for updates as they happen.

American Honda Motor Co.
Final Honda Super Bowl ad, "Hugfest"

Final Honda Super Bowl ad, "Hugs"
UPDATED: 2/2/13

Buy: A 60-second spot in the third quarter.

Creative: Honda tapped action movie star Bruce Willis to deliver a message that's a little more tender than his usual work. In the spot, Willis asks viewers to hug their loved ones before connecting that caring feeling to the safety of Honda's vehicles.

Agency: RPA

Audi of America
Final Audi Super Bowl ad, "Doberhuahua":
UPDATED: 1/21/2014

Buy: One 60-second spot in the third quarter.

Creative: Audi is building anticipation for the new A3. A teaser for the ad showed a scene at a tranquil dog show about to go terribly wrong. The final video shows what can come of compromise.

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

CarMax Super Bowl ad extended cut:
UPDATED: 1/22/2014

Buy: A 30-second spot in the second half.

Creative: CarMax will advertise during the Super Bowl with a 30-second spot that riffs on a cliche of inspirational films. The company released a 45-second version of the commercial online today. Watch it above.

Agency: Silver & Partners

The 2015 Chevrolet Silverado: "Romance" Super Bowl ad:

Final Chevrolet Super Bowl ad, "Life"
UPDATED: 2/2/2014

Buy: Two 60-second spots.

Creative: After sitting out in 2013, Chevrolet returned to the Super Bowl this year with two commercials. The first ad for the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado shows a man taking his prize bull to a romantic encounter, while Chevy's second commercial was a heartfelt spot highlighting World Cancer Day.

Agency: Leo Burnett Detroit

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Final Chrysler Super Bowl ad, "America's Import"

Final Jeep Super Bowl ad, "Restlessness":

Final Maserati Super Bowl ad, "Strike":
UPDATED: 2/3/2014

Buy: A 90-second spot for Maserati during the first quarter, a 60-second spot for Jeep during halftime and a 2-minute spot for Chrysler in the third quarter.

Creative: After keeping quiet until Jan. 31, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles aired three commercials during the Super Bowl, more spots than any other automaker.
Maserati starred in the automaker's 90-second spot in the first quarter, a 60-second spot Jeep spot aired during halftime and a 2 minute opus featuring singer-songwriter Bob Dylan and the Chrysler 200 commercial aired in the third quarter.

Agency: Global Hue for Chrysler; The Richards Group for Jeep; Wieden+Kennedy for Maserati.

Ford Motor Co.
Final Ford Super Bowl ad, "Nearly Double":
UPDATED: 2/3/2014

Buy: A 90-second spot airing just prior to kickoff.

Creative: The Blue Oval returned to the 2014 Super Bowl with a spot for the Ford Fusion Hybrid airing just prior to kickoff starring comedian Rob Riggle and actor James Franco.

Agency: Team Detroit

Hyundai Motor America
Final Hyundai Super Bowl ad, "Dad's Sixth Sense":
Final Hyundai Super Bowl ad, "Nice":
UPDATED: 1/27/2014

Buy: One 30-second spot in the first quarter, plus a 30-second ad in the fourth quarter.

Creative: Hyundai will feature the redesigned 2015 Genesis sedan and 2014 Elantra compact car in its two 30-second ads during the game. The Genesis spot, called “Dad’s Sixth Sense,” shows how the sedan's automatic emergency braking helps a father keep his son out of trouble. The Elantra spot, dubbed "Nice," stars actor Johnny Galecki of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" as he unsuccessfully flirts with a fellow Elantra driver. Comedian Richard Lewis makes a cameo.

Agency: Innocean U.S.A.

Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar "Rendezvous" Super Bowl final ad:
UPDATED: 1/28/2014

Buy: One 60-second spot during the second half.

Creative: Jaguar will make its Super Bowl debut with a spot for the F-Type coupe. The commercial kicks off Jaguar's "British Villains" marketing campaign that the brand has said will be its biggest ever in the United States. The ad stars actors Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong, who opine about why Brits make the best movie bad guys. For one, they all drive Jaguars, apparently.

Agency: SPARK44

Kia Motors America
Kia final Super Bowl ad "The Truth":
UPDATED: 1/28/2014

Buy: A 60-second spot in the third quarter.

Creative: For its fifth consecutive Super Bowl appearance, Kia tapped actor Laurence Fishburne to resurrect his iconic role as Morpheus from "The Matrix" to challenge conventional wisdom about luxury cars in the brand's 60-second spot for its new Kia 900 sedan. Kia released a 90-second extended cut of the commercial on Jan. 28, which is embedded above.

Agency: David & Goliath

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.
Toyota Highlander Super Bowl final ad:
UPDATED: 1/28/2013

Buy: A 60-second commercial in the second quarter.

Creative: Toyota, the Muppets and former NFL player-turned-actor Terry Crews teamed up in the automaker's Super Bowl commercial for the redesigned Highlander mid-sized crossover. In the spot, Toyota says, "the Muppets teach Crews' character a thing or two about 'unborifying' his lifestyle as they 'borrow' his sweet ride." Watch the final ad above.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi L.A.

Volkswagen of America
Volkswagen final Super Bowl ad, "Wings":
UPDATED: 1/28/2014

Buy: One 60-second spot in the second quarter.

Creative: Volkswagen made its fifth-straight Super Bowl appearance this year. Actual German engineers appear in the ad touting the durability of VW vehicles.

Agency: Argonaut


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