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September 25, 2017

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Cadillac's Project Pinnacle loosens up
Author: Michael Wayland

Cadillac has modified standards to allow a smoother transition into the long-term retailer network strategy, which has been a point of contention between some dealers and Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen.

Jim Hackett's big moment
Author: Michael Martinez

After quietly evaluating Ford's operations since taking over as CEO in May, Jim Hackett is expected to start laying out his plan for the automaker during a meeting with Wall Street next week.

New factory investments? Now?
Author: Lindsay Chappell

Falling sales, rising incentives and mounting vehicle inventories — is this really the right time for automakers to invest heavily in new U.S. production capacity? Whatever, several manufacturers have decided to seize the moment.

GM's IT overhaul transforms dealerships, too
Author: Michael Wayland

A myriad of dealership initiatives have been spawned from GM's "IT transformation" that started in 2012 and is now in its second phase of "next-generation innovation."

Mexico's unshakable auto industry
Author: Laurence Iliff

The lessons of a 1985 earthquake, which killed an estimated 10,000, laid the foundation for a nation that takes things like building codes much more seriously.

Oge urges Bill Ford to lead on emissions standards
Author: Eric Kulisch

Former EPA official Margo Oge says manufacturers "would do much better if they walk the talk that they are building cool, clean and smart cars."

BMW to market top-tier models with new logo
Author: Amy Wilson

As BMW rolls out new models, the company will reposition the top of its lineup with a new logo and marketing efforts.

Lincoln enjoys Continental lift
Author: Michael Martinez

A dealership general manager says his used-car lot is full of BMW 7-series sedans that buyers have traded in for the Continental.

The new book of Genesis
Author: Hans Greimel

Chapter and verse illuminate the origins and philosophy of the world's newest luxury contender with inspirational meditations and artsy photos.

XC40: Volvo's platform for ideas
Author: Douglas A. Bolduc

With its new XC40 small crossover, Volvo is taking aim at Lexus, BMW and Audi.

Jaguar's F-Type replacement is a go, and it will be electrified
Author: Richard Truett

In the era of SUVS, Jaguar isn't giving up on sports cars.

Mercedes: U.S. will get complete EQ lineup
Author: Amy Wilson

EVs are coming for every Mercedes segment in the U.S.

Under Geely, Lotus could expand range
Author: Nick Gibbs

Lotus' new Chinese owner has a vision for the U.K. sports car brand -- Porsche-like range expansion.

New execs, different worlds
Author: David Undercoffler

Both Henio Arcangeli Jr. and Kyung Soo "Kenny" Lee are new U.S. chiefs of two Asian brands and the third person in less than a year to fill his respective role. And neither one ever has run the U.S. arm of an automaker before.

Sporty Toyota line will make waves in U.S.
Author: Hans Greimel

Toyota debuts a GR sports car series for Japan and beyond. The U.S. may not get the name, but its future products will get a healthy dose of the line's sporty spirit.

Rule for hurricanes: 'Don't wait for it to hit'
Author: Jesse Snyder

When hurricanes Harvey and Irma slammed Texas and Florida, auto salvage auction companies were ready to respond. Here's how.

Why disasters today pack more wallop
Author: Jesse Snyder

Rising coastal populations and technology-laden vehicles, which prompt insurers to be quicker to declare a damaged vehicle a total loss, are driving salvage auction growth.

Just where will we get this electricity?

I would like some help understanding where the electricity for electric vehicles will come from. My bet is most people think it is like milk in the grocery store, where there is an endless supply from jugs.

Let consumers decide on EVs
Author: Keith Crain

For EVs to be successful, the public is going to have to want to buy them in much larger quantities than today. Governments can't make that happen by fiat.

Long hours are the unfortunate reality

Dealers, including myself, are very open to change. The problem with long hours is that we are an end-retail business. We have to be available when our customers are available to shop.

Waiting for VW to tell the truth

Two years have passed since Volkswagen publicly admitted lying about the emissions from its "clean diesel" vehicles. As hard as it has tried to move on, the stench of its bad acts lingers.

Audi on fuel cells: Maybe later
Author: David Undercoffler

The tepid outlook from one of the world's largest automakers could ripple across the industry by slowing or discouraging the adoption of fuel cell technology, which will require increased global scale and infrastructure investments to catch on.

Can Lexus recapture the spirit of '89?
Author: Laurence Iliff

The stakes are high as Lexus tries to pivot from cushy, reliable cars and crossovers to more emotional, hard-charging vehicles that set the bar rather than resting on their laurels.

Dealership becomes disaster shelter
Author: Anisa Jibrell

What began as a favor to one employee ended up being extended to almost 40 more people, including children, six dogs, six cats and a pet rat.

From 'moonshot' to marketing plan
Author: David Undercoffler

Healey Lincoln is letting five local influencers drive each of Lincoln's five nameplates for a month, on condition they document their drives on social media.

Aston Martin expands its range
Author: David Undercoffler

Aston Martin's Second Century plan issued in 2015 called for it to redesign four models and add seven new ones by 2022, with shorter spans between each generation.

Exotics grow greener and taller
Author: David Undercoffler

Once confined to the mundane world of Priuses and Volts, electrification is bringing sexy back, seeping into the highest echelons of the automotive stratosphere.

Bentley goes all-in on plug-ins
Author: David Undercoffler

Bentley's Bentayga crossover will be the brand's first vehicle to get a plug-in hybrid powertrain as part of a commitment to offer plug-in variants of all its models.

Can Ferrari resist crossover wave?
Author: David Undercoffler

Ferrari will incorporate more hybrids into its core lineup while it considers whether to follow other luxury makes into the utility vehicle market and whether to launch an entry-level subbrand.

Rolls-Royce begins shift to new platform
Author: David Undercoffler

The redesigned Phantom arriving next year will usher in a new platform that will underpin Rolls-Royce's entire lineup, which is expected to include a "high-bodied" utility vehicle and an electric vehicle that borrows technology from parent company BMW.

Lamborghini's crossover moment arrives
Author: David Undercoffler

Lamborghini will keep churning out variants to sustain interest in its two main nameplates, while the addition of a utility vehicle will introduce a new look to the brand's profile.

Maserati updates move in slow lane
Author: Larry P. Vellequette

Maserati enthusiasts are accustomed to waiting for new models — which is good, because the brand's product plans are running into delays.

Tesla adjusting to mass market
Author: Katie Burke

Though physical changes are few and far between, Tesla is continually updating its vehicle software to improve vehicle functions and enhance driver assistance features.

Porsche sees an electrified future
Author: Amy Wilson

After the production version of the Mission E electric sedan arrives at the end of this decade, an electric Macan may be next.

Could the Amazon of auto retail be Amazon itself?
Author: Katie Burke

Auto dealerships could be the next steppingstone in Amazon's path to dominance.

Keep an eye on Blockchain
Author: Shiraz Ahmed

The digital payment platform could become a key part of future mobility services.

Why Dan Akerson reversed GM's course on IT
Author: Michael Wayland

Former CEO Dan Akerson says GM's operations were in such disarray when he arrived in 2010 that he recommended delaying its public stock offering.

Triple damage award stands
Author: Eric Freedman

A Little Falls, N.J., Toyota dealership that canceled a RAV4 owner's extended service contract without telling her or sending a refund also failed to persuade an appeals court to overturn her triple damage award.

Football, furniture and Ford
Author: Michael Martinez

Here are 10 facts about Ford's top executive Jim Hackett.

The next marketing challenge: Targeting
Author: Jim Henry

Targeting which consumers to pitch, via which media and with which message is the step in marketing, speakers at the Automotive News Marketing 360 conference said.

Chris Bangle at the edge of the world

Former BMW design chief Chris Bangle is an explainer extraordinaire and a wildly creative allegorist.

Ford, now with poker face protection

Ford Motor Co. has patented a retractable table with an airbag inside of it for use in self-driving cars.

Nissan turns over new Leaf, hits 150 million

A futuristic second-generation Leaf electric vehicle that rolled off the line was also the 150 millionth vehicle produced by Nissan automaker since the company's start in 1933.

Work in car sales? Not that, anything but that

Job seekers are willing to work at dealerships — but not selling cars.

Panamera wagon orders please Porsche execs
Author: Amy Wilson

The U.S. order book for the redesigned Porsche Panamera includes a strong 10 percent take rate for the Sport Turismo wagon coming early next year.