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February 27, 2017

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Ghosn's successor will have work to do
Author: Hans Greimel

Carlos Ghosn is handing the CEO reins for a vastly improved Nissan. Despite nearly two decades of gains, Nissan still has much to work on.

Honda settles for an 80-mile EV
Author: David Undercoffler

Honda's Clarity all-electric model debuting this spring will have only about 80 miles of range on a single charge, Automotive News has learned.

Can Toyota stave off CarPlay, Android Auto?
Author: Laurence Iliff

What makes Toyota's new infotainment system stand out from the rest of the industry? It still doesn't accommodate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Errant email lands Uber in court
Author: Katie Burke and Sharon Silke Carty

Waymo said an inadvertent email sent its way gave it enough evidence to sue Uber for intellectual property theft

Forward thinker

PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares said buying Opel would quickly create significant savings for both companies and lift their combined annual sales to as many as 5 million.

Wayland joins Automotive News

Automotive News has hired Michael Wayland, a veteran of The Detroit News and MLive Media Group, as a staff reporter.

Mendel's exit at Honda elevates U.S. newcomer
Author: David Undercoffler

Tucked beneath the headlines last week about John Mendel's retirement from Honda were other several other key personnel changes that will shape the company's path moving forward.

Organized labor's Trump predicament
Author: John Irwin

The UAW and other unions finally have a friend on trade in the White House. But much of the rest of President Trump's agenda stands in stark contrast to labor's priorities.

The millennials are coming
Author: Diana T. Kurylko

So you thought millennials didn’t care about owning cars? Think again. They’re the fastest-growing segment among vehicle buyers and are likely to represent about 40 percent of the U.S. new car market by 2020.

A major face-lift for Buick Enclave

The next-generation Enclave is expected to debut in April at the New York auto show and arrive in showrooms around midyear.

EPA boosts VW e-Golf mpg, range ratings for '17
Author: Larry P. Vellequette

An upgraded lithium ion battery pack and electric motor helped boost the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf's mpg and range ratings.

Land Rover's Velar to take on Porsche's Macan
Author: Nick Gibbs

Land Rover will challenge the Porsche Macan with a new crossover to be called the Velar.

SUV? Electric car? They'll kill 2 birds with 1 Bentley
Author: David Undercoffler

Bentley Motors is eyeing a new strategy for both its SUV lineup and its electrification plans: combining them.

XC40 strongly resembles Volvo family members
Author: Jack Walsworth

Volvo's XC40 baby crossover won't be all that different from its larger siblings.

Hacking hoax tests security protocols
Author: Vince Bond Jr.

A claim that a team of hackers had gained access to troves of dealerships' sensitive consumer data spooked dealership software giants. The claim was a hoax.

Mercedes may join U.S. midsize-pickup party
Author: Larry P. Vellequette

The U.S. midsize pickup segment is undergoing a sales resurgence and an accompanying product blitz. It may get even more crowded as German executives last week hinted that the Mercedes-Benz X class might come to the U.S.

Ferrari beast, Porsche wagon to star in Geneva
Author: Paul McVeigh

Next week’s Geneva auto show will highlight a mix of supercars, everyday models and cars you never expected, such as a Porsche station wagon and a Mercedes-Benz pickup.

Buy American' is a tune for the bad old days

We believe in America. Don't question that for a moment. But UAW President Dennis Williams' talk of a "Buy American" ad campaign is one of those insipid '80s tunes we can't seem to tap our toes to.

Chicago Auto Show memories roar back

The Chicago auto show was inspiring, writes one reader.

Fuel efficient cars always make sense

No one in the industry has a record for correctly predicting fuel prices or knows how they function in the permanently changed energy economics of the 21st century, writes one reader.

To reduce distractions, bring back knobs

U.S. traffic deaths rose again in 2016 to an estimated 40,200, the highest number in a decade, according to figures compiled by the National Safety Council.

We don’t need mechanics anymore

As automotive systems get more and more complex, it will become even more important to have service techs who are really good at using diagnostic tools and making sure that they know what really needs replacing, writes Keith Crain.

How to keep patent trolls at bay
Author: Ralf Lamberti

Patent trolls seek out automotive patents because they're lucrative. There are ways to deal with them.

PSA takes 1st step back into N.A.
Author: Peter Sigal

PSA Group, with plans on re-entering the North American market, will be a partner in a ride-sharing service set to begin in April at airports in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Auction houses cope with crowded lots
Author: John Irwin

Investments in technology and analytics help auctions move vehicles through the system faster, but the remarketing industry should not lose sight of the importance of asphalt, says Tom Webb, Manheim chief economist.

Conn. auction bill 'deader than dead'
Author: John Irwin

A proposed Connecticut bill that would have required auctions to post their fees conspicuously has been dropped from consideration following pushback from local auction houses, according to a proponent of the bill.

Can Continental score big with 48-volt hybrids?
Author: Douglas A. Bolduc

Continental's previous hybrid solutions failed to win over automakers because they were too "exotic," the supplier's powertrain boss, Jose Avila, said.

FTC checks lenders' use of 'kill switches'
Author: Sharon Silke Carty

The Federal Trade Commission is looking at the practice of installing GPS trackers and "kill switches" on vehicles to disable them if the owner fails to make timely payments.

Uber confronts dark side of Silicon Valley culture
Author: Sharon Silke Carty

Maybe it was some hard-earned experience that led Uber's CEO to respond quickly to the company's latest PR setback: a former engineer's claims of sexist treatment from company managers.

Cadillac revamps CUE infotainment in response to customer complaints
Author: Nick Bunkley

Cadillac says a new generation of its touch-screen infotainment system, debuting next month in the CTS sedan, addresses customer frustrations that dragged the brand down in quality surveys.

Subaru sees Impreza as gateway to young buyers
Author: Jack Walsworth

How is Subaru reaching out to millennials? With a puppy, of course. It's one of the images Subaru of America is using to reach millennials in its national ad campaign for the all-new 2017 Subaru Impreza.

Credit union liable for unpaid judgment against dealership
Author: Eric Freedman and Eric Freedman

A credit union is on the hook for a large chunk of an unpaid trial award a closed Buick-GMC store owed the buyer of a 2006 Nissan Altima.


A look at dealer awards handed out to Ford, Honda and Mazda dealerships.

A spa with a service bay
Author: Michael Martinez

It's easy to mistake the amenities at Big Two Toyota in Chandler, Ariz., for those at a high-end resort and spa.
Cafe 1250 serves triple-chocolate brownies, chef salads and roast beef sandwiches -- made fresh daily -- near where new Camrys and Tundras glisten under showroom lights.

Innovative automotive suppliers vie for PACE Awards

The Automotive News PACE Awards this year spotlight 34 product and process innovations from suppliers.

AutoNation captures growth of millennials
Author: Diana T. Kurylko

As a percentage of its new-vehicle sales, millennials grew from 9 percent in 2010 to 22 percent through the third quarter last year, Autonation found.

Millennials won't compromise on technology
Author: Diana T. Kurylko

Millennials are at ease with digital technology. That makes the 18- to 34-year-olds less willing to compromise on the features they want, experts say.

Why did they buy? Millennials explain
Author: Diana T. Kurylko , Jack Walsworth and Stephanie Hernandez McGavin

Two millennial buyers explain their decisions to purchase a new car.

Carlos Ghosn, in his own words

Comments from Carlos Ghosn for interviews with Automotive News over the years

Wanted man: Jobs he might have had
Author: Nick Bunkley

The partnership that Carlos Ghosn orchestrated turned him into a superstar who nearly became General Motors' savior a decade ago and who was courted twice by Ford Motor Co.

Ghosn's 18 years of epic battles
Author: Lindsay Chappell

In the course of running Nissan Motor Co. for 18 years, Carlos Ghosn has racked up a long list of battles and dramas, many of them at his own instigation.

Six daring products that Ghosn championed
Author: Lindsay Chappell

Since Carlos Ghosn's 1999 arrival at Nissan, he has signed off on some daring product initiatives


Bob White, one of the founders of the Canadian Auto Workers, died at the age of 81. Michigan dealer Dick Huvaere died at the age of 72.

Mendel's next move: Spirited retirement

John Mendel approached American Honda CEO Toshiaki Mikoshiba nine months ago to put his departure in motion.

New GM is real, but hasn't shed some old habits
Author: Dave Guilford

There's a new General Motors today aggressively reshaping itself to compete in the emerging connectivity-car sharing-autonomous space. But sometimes it's difficult to see New GM. Old GM gets in the way.

Taking the car out after 40 years

An old Jeep Wagoneer was left in a beachfront garage out toward the end of Cape Cod in the 1970s. And As long-term parking goes, this could have gone better.

Using their noggins to avoid Noggles

The chief engineer of the 2018 GMC Terrain challenged interior designers to step up their efforts in keeping with the new exterior design.

You didn't build that. But you helped.

People end up paying a lot just for the badge on a luxury vehicle or sports car.