Stability at Sergio's house, a shakeup at Ford's Glass House

• 2/24/2018

Will Sergio's successor be a product, numbers or turnaround guru?; Pronouncing Marchionne can be maddening; Ford won't tolerate 'inappropriate behavior.'

A break for Tesla faithful?
• 2/23/2018

Break for Tesla faithful?; GM said to mull Korea wage freeze,...

Geely chair Daimler's biggest solo shareholder
• 2/23/2018

Geely chair Daimler's biggest solo shareholder, Senators seek Daimler...

New Santa Fe Hyundai's 1st U.S. diesel
• 2/22/2018

New Santa Fe to be Hyundai's 1st U.S.

Lincoln's Galhotra named Ford N.A. chief
• 2/22/2018

Lincoln's Galhotra to replace Nair as Ford N.A. chief; Consumer Reports names Genesis top brand; C-R's top 10 models; BMW, Takata settle suits; The Land Rover of mobile phones.

10-year GM Korea rescue plan?
• 2/21/2018

10-year GM Korea rescue plan?; Bosch buys Detroit startup; VW tries to delay trials, citing 'inflammatory' comments on Netflix; New Lexus hybrid math.

Lots of spending, long road to AVs
• 2/21/2018

Study predicts long road to AVs; Daimler truck-talks Tesla; Volvo's new plug-in pair; Pitch the toll pass, buy an Audi?; This billionaire can block a BMW takeover.

A lifeline for GM Korea?
• 2/20/2018

GM said to offer debt-for-equity swap to buoy Korea unit; Toyota finds way to cut EV battery costs; Hyundai Nexo rolling tech showcase; World without Camrys?; Cars, pets and Google.

Tesla's delay could be Chevy Bolt's gain
• 2/20/2018

Tesla's delay could be Chevy Bolt's gain; Beating Benz, BMW; Marchionne gets $12M in pay, $36M in stock; VW's electric Vizzion; Lexus, Kia product teases; Stymied by stink bugs.

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Canada, cars and coffee
• 2/17/2018

What plateau? Canada's auto sales are booming. Protecting 'Silicon Valley north' talent. Why some Canadian dealers set up shop in the U.S. One Hyundai exec's poor stickhandling skills. Plus, a controversy is brewing.

Ghosn vows to make alliance 'irreversible'
• 2/16/2018

VIDEO: Ghosn vows to make Renault-Nissan-Mitsu alliance 'irreversible'; Mueller denies plan to oust Audi CEO; End near for Focus RS; From AN Canada Congress: Buy-sells without borders.

Magna CEO's worry: A 'socialist' Canada
• 2/16/2018

VIDEO: Magna CEO's worry: A 'socialist' Canada; Vacuum-maker Dyson plans 3 electric vehicles; Ghosn on making EVs at profit; Late-model Ram pickups recalled; Global sales on track to rise.

Serena Williams serving up Navigator ads
• 2/15/2018

Lincoln taps tennis star Serena Williams for Navigator ads; Report: Women driving luxury SUV market; Toyota recalling '18 Camry over fire risk; Lone Star Ram; Coolest Mustang ever?

How Subaru found the key to U.S. market
• 2/15/2018

How Subaru found the key to U.S. market; Wrestler John Cena moves to quash Ford lawsuit; NHTSA stretched too thin?; Trump's GM Korea boast; Jeep ad riles fish fans.

Honda store's push to 'pull' cars through service
• 2/15/2018

Motorcars Honda in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, has built a service assembly line to provide customers with a speedy and transparent experience at a 'competitive' price.

Lexus, Porsche, Buick tops in dependability
• 2/14/2018

Lexus, Porsche, Buick tops in dependability; Big leaps for Infiniti, Fiat; What's on tap for M-B, BMW, Lexus; GM Korea workers protest; Tesla's lithium lifeline?; Quest for cobalt.


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