AutoNews Now: Opening the door to car theft

'Mystery' device opens door to car theft; Dodge plans AWD Challenger; BMW's 'Valley of Tears'; More tests for '17 F-150; Extended-cab Nissan Titan spied; 'Cars 3' at car show.

First Shift: Automakers try to halt EPA move

Automakers try to halt EPA's mpg move; Ford taps debt markets; Toyota hybrid expansion; Hyundai exec grilled in S. Korea political scandal; Honda: CR-

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Heir to Ed Morse Automotive reflects on moving forward without his father

Third-generation dealer Teddy Morse always believed he would lead his family's Florida empire of stores, but not quite so soon. The 41-year-old took the helm of Ed Morse Automotive Group in July after the death of his father, Ted. Morse believes a 'trial-by-fire' entry into management, family input and focused employees will advance the group's legacy.