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Zellmer wins another pivotal role at Porsche

Porsche's U.S. chief Klaus Zellmer has been given the chance to shepherd the iconic sports car brand in the market he calls the most competitive in the world.

Mercedes-AMG expects another vroom year

Following a big rollout of new models, Mercedes-AMG sales are up 30 percent so far in 2017, according to Mercedes-Benz USA. While the pace will slow, a double-digit percentage increase is expected for 2017.

Mouse that roared: Porsche hires Disney for training

Exciting customers is about to become more than a mission statement at Porsche Cars North America.

2017 Mini Countryman

The 2017 Mini Countryman's move to a new front-wheel-drive architecture makes for a pretty big jump.

Crossover boom should help Mini Countryman

The redesigned Mini Countryman should help turn around sales for the brand. As the brand's biggest vehicle yet, Mini expects the Countryman to tap into the surge in industrywide small crossover demand.

Mercedes says recall won't hurt U.S. sales

Mercedes-Benz's recall of 1 million vehicles for fire risk -- including some new 2017 vehicles -- shouldn't hurt the brand's U.S. sales, the automaker says.

Mercedes dealers get relief on renovations

A pledge by Mercedes-Benz to give U.S. dealers a 10-year moratorium on making facility changes is unusual.

Latest updates: 'Surprisingly smooth'

Mercedes-Benz dealers have just more than 16 months to make facility updates to comply with the automaker's Autohaus2 image program.

High-end G class first off-roader for Mercedes-Maybach

Mercedes is adding an open-top G class to the Maybach family.

Smart brand to focus on EVs in U.S., Canada

Daimler AG will stop selling gasoline-powered Smart cars in the U.S. and Canada later this year and will convert the microcar brand to an electric vehicle-only endeavor.

Daimler to refocus Smart brand on EVs only in U.S., Canada

UPDATED: 2/13/17 8:59 pm ET - new story

Daimler AG will stop selling gasoline-powered Smart cars in the U.S. and Canada later this year, converting the microcar brand to an electric vehicle-only endeavor.

BMW shores up leadership as U.S. sales sag

For two years, BMW's Bernhard Kuhnt has overseen business in more than 80 countries.

Porsche dealers to get extra 911s they sought

Porsche's U.S. dealers will get the additional 10 percent bump in allocation of the 911 sports car for which they've been pleading.

More light trucks headed to Mercedes dealerships

Mercedes-Benz is working on getting more trucks to U.S. dealerships to alleviate inventory shortages, including more units of the hot GLC compact crossover.

Audi in short: More products, more profits for dealers

Lots of new product coming in 2017 and brand executives pledging to focus on dealership profitability made for a short Audi make meeting. The meeting lasted for less than 30 minutes, instead of the full 75 minutes allotted.

BMW names Bernhard Kuhnt CEO for North America

UPDATED: 2/2/17 12:02 pm ET - adds details

BMW said it named Bernhard Kuhnt to become CEO of BMW of North America effective March 1. Ludwig Willisch, who previously held that title, is now head of BMW Group Region Americas, according to a statement released Thursday.

Coen brothers, Peter Fonda take AMG on Super Bowl ride

Mercedes-Benz tapped Academy Award-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen to guide the luxury brand's fourth trip to the Super Bowl ad game.

Mercedes answers dealers' pleas for more SUVs, crossovers

Mercedes-Benz will distribute more SUVs and crossovers to its U.S. dealerships this year -- answering dealers' pleas for more inventory.

Porsche can continue to grow -- but not too much

Porsche can continue to increase its sales in the U.S., but the key to the brand's future health will be knowing when the growth is too much.

BMW, M-B dealers want more crossovers

The market shift to crossovers pinched dealers for traditional luxury rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz last year, leading retailers to lobby for a better product mix this year.

Customers seek trust, Sewell says

Texas dealer legend Carl Sewell says the Internet has changed auto retailing -- but customers still are looking for trust first and foremost.

Mercedes dealers target profit gains

The average profitability of Mercedes dealerships in 2016 was "roughly on par" with 2015, said Ken Schnitzer, chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Board.

Turnover set off alarm bells at Toyota store

Bad hiring can cost a dealership plenty. Rick Evans figures his Toyota dealership lost at least $500,000 -- maybe even $1 million or more -- because of his hiring problems.

Employee turnover costs dealers billions

FIRST OF A FOUR-PART SERIES: When look-alike stores sell the same vehicles at roughly the same prices, only the people distinguish one dealership from another.

Will the next luxury flagship be a truck?

Mercedes and BMW still sell a good volume of the luxury sedans known as brand flagships.