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Recent authored articles

NISSAN: Another big assist from Rogue

Nissan North America's May U.S. sales grew 3 percent, as Nissan brand was powered by "another great Rogue month," an exec said.

NISSAN'S JOSE MUNOZ: Pushing forward on all fronts

Jose Munoz says there is money to be made for Nissan in fleet sales -- if it is done correctly.

Hefty profits didn't save Fields' job

Mark Fields' hefty profits at Ford Motor Co. weren't enough to keep him in the CEO chair.

How racing pays off in daily driving

Automakers rationalize racing as a proving ground for performance and safety technology. I totally buy that, even for brands that make mainstream family haulers.

Bolt gets EVs halfway to mainstream

I got into a Chevrolet Bolt last week, and, as promised, it solves — well, mostly solves — one problem with electric vehicles. But it doesn't eliminate a second problem.

What to do about cars?

Behind the scenes at the New York auto show, industry executives were grappling with questions about cars. How low will their market share go, amid hot crossovers and SUVs? How to reignite the appeal of cars?

Genesis boss: Fuel cells where we're headed

Genesis' brand boss believes the industry ultimately will shift to fuel cell powertrains. Not everyone agrees.

What does Lucid Air have over Tesla Model S?

The Lucid Air drew scant attention at the New York auto show. But Lucid's chief technology officer says the four-door electric vehicle is markedly superior to the cars of his previous company: Tesla.

Normal job shuffling gets Trumpified

It happened again last week. President Donald Trump turned his attention to the auto industry, and, sure enough, an automaker coughed up plans to add jobs in the U.S. Sort of.

Can you fall in love with the car of the future?

News editor Dave Guilford elucidates his vision of the car of the future.

New GM is real, but hasn't shed some old habits

There's a new General Motors today aggressively reshaping itself to compete in the emerging connectivity-car sharing-autonomous space. But sometimes it's difficult to see New GM. Old GM gets in the way.

Fields sees possible benefits from Trump revisions on tax code

Ford CEO Mark Fields said potential Trump administration tax code revisions, including a possible “border tax” on imports from Mexico, could be positive for the automaker.

Will the next luxury flagship be a truck?

Mercedes and BMW still sell a good volume of the luxury sedans known as brand flagships.

BMW, Mercedes execs plead for more crossovers

Even as they launch two key cars – the BMW 5 series and Mercedes E-class coupe -- the traditional arch-rivals have a common challenge: Satisfy U.S. dealers' hunger for more crossovers.

Points for tweeter-in-chief to consider

U.S. automakers are competing against very tough rivals in an intense, complex, global market. And global trade itself is replete with unintended consequences.

China tension poses threat to automakers

It's an uneasy time for automakers that have a lot of chips on the table in China in the wake President-elect Donald Trump's recent phone conversation with the president of Taiwan.