Dave Versical

Director of Editorial Operations
Address: 1155 Gratiot Ave.
48207-2997 Detroit, Mich.
Phone: 313-446-6789
E-Mail: dversical@crain.com
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Recent authored articles

Practices of retired Lexus service chief endure among his disciples

Though Dick Chitty retired from Toyota more than a decade ago, his parts and service principles still ring true at Lexus stores today.

A service director handles 'waiters,' and finds express success

Dave VandeLinde, service director at Kuni Lexus of Portland, discusses the challenges of making money on tire sales and express service. He spoke by phone on June 6 with Dave Versical, editor of Fixed Ops Journal.

ALAN BATEY: GM reaps rewards of North America strategy

North America, Alan Batey's domain at General Motors, is responsible for 99.4 percent of GM's total adjusted earnings since January 2014. And it's becoming even more critical to the automaker's future.

Changes online to help AN continue quality journalism

Automotive News is progressively rolling out an updated “metered” approach to online readership.

Car-repair innovator YourMechanic ponders dealer, factory partners

A lot has changed at YourMechanic since Fixed Ops Journal profiled the car-repair disruptor 14 months ago.

The skeptics didn't know Carlos Ghosn

Bob Lutz didn't think Nissan could be saved. At that moment in the late 1990s, Nissan was on the brink of failure. Then entered Carlos Ghosn.

Renewing the push for careers in auto retailing

NADA in New Orleans. Right after a second straight year of 17 million U.S. auto sales. That's not just the backdrop for this year's convention.

Why automakers must respect the spirit of cooperation at auto shows

Inside baseball? Or Ford's slap at the spirit of cooperation that holds big auto shows together?