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Intel becomes an insider, and goes all in

Intel Corp. is a new player at the auto industry's poker table, but the company's $14.7 billion acquisition of Mobileye gives it a hand with a pair of aces.

Intel's Mobileye buy heats up competition with Qualcomm

UPDATED: 3/13/17 7:51 pm ET - adds detail

Intel's proposed $14.7 billion acquisition of Mobileye will make the chipmaker one of the top players in computer processing for self-driving cars.

Can tiny Key Safety digest Takata?

Key Safety Systems is starting to look like the Mouse that Roared. The Michigan airbag maker is engaged in an uphill battle to acquire Takata Corp.

When driverless cars call for backup

Technology suppliers see redundant systems as the most logical answer to the driverless car dilemma - what happens if an autonomous drive function fails?

Gentex reflects on the future of the mirror

Advance tech thinkers imagine cars with no mirrors. Gentex, a top producer of auto-dimming mirrors, says bunk. The supplier is betting that rearview mirrors will be around for a while

Driverless concepts spawn real-world interiors

Cockpit designs for self-driving vehicles are rapidly moving from Disney Tomorrowland fantasy toward the real world of commercial production and driver practicality.

Driverless concepts spawn real-world interior design

Cockpit designs for self-driving vehicles are rapidly moving from Disney Tomorrowland fantasy toward the real world of commercial production and driver practicality.

Low-end Chinese cars? Think bigger

Past assumptions that China's automakers would make a run at the economy end of the U.S. market are proving to be wrong. They're aiming up-market.

Could supplier jobs move back to America?

Suppliers are waiting to see whether President Donald Trump will challenge the fundamental assumption that some auto parts can't be profitably produced in the U.S., even with a 35 percent tariff.

Adient ‘back in the game’ after spinoff

Now separate from Johnson Controls, Adient is wasting no time investing in products, considering new partnerships and contemplating future acquisitions.

Faurecia to partner up for self-driving cockpits

French seating supplier Faurecia says the industry needs an integrated systems approach to vehicle cabins as automakers liberate drivers from the steering wheel.

M&A activity dips in 2016; now dealmakers eye Trump

Now that Donald Trump is president, the auto industry's dealmakers may be putting acquisitions on hold to see what he plans to do.

M&A activity declined in 2016, and now dealmakers eye Trump

The global auto industry looks healthy this year, but PwC says mergers and acquisition experts want to assess President Trump's influence on environmental rules, international trade and the overall economy before pursuing...

Cheaper lidar on the way

UPDATED: 2/1/17 2:36 pm ET - corrected

The race is on to build inexpensive lidar for self-driving vehicles. Two suppliers, Continental AG and Valeo SA, say they will produce solid-state lidar for automakers in 2019 and 2020.

Bosch, Mahle to bail out of turbochargers JV

Mahle and Robert Bosch plan to sell their turbocharger partnership, citing a failure to achieve economies of scale despite strong sales growth.

NADA president pursues less-is-more approach to stay true to mission

Many organizations suffer from 'mission creep,' steadily adding staff and spending for services unrelated to the original mission. NADA is not one of them.

Continental-Nexteer JV targets self-driving cars

Now that automakers are preparing to roll out driverless cars in the next three to five years, suppliers are forming alliances to offer a complete product portfolio.

Facial-recognition technology comes to the car

In a car-sharing economy, how does a vehicle recognize which motorist is in the driver's seat? Judging by Chrysler's Portal electric minivan concept, the answer may be facial recognition.

Suppliers' pitch: We're one-stop shops

The complexity of self-driving vehicles has created a golden opportunity for key suppliers to market themselves as one-stop shops for automakers.

Suppliers compelled to think simpler

While it may seem counterintuitive, connected, self-driving vehicles are forcing suppliers to simplify their components.

China's Guangzhou still plotting U.S. entry

Guangzhou Automobile Group, the Chinese automaker that exports vehicles to 14 countries, wants to enter the U.S. “in the near future” -- but not just yet.

CES showcases auto suppliers and startups

CES has become the show where startups and suppliers come to convince the world -- and the rest of the auto industry -- that they are on the cutting edge.

What was cool at CES

The trade show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show is arguably one of the most important auto shows of the year, with suppliers and automakers convening in this city of glitz to show off their most...

Crowd-sourced maps to guide autonomous cars

Tech players and BMW team up to develop cloud-based maps to help driverless cars navigate the roads.

Bringing the connected car into the home

Suppliers push the frontier on how consumers can control household functions from the car.