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Recent authored articles

2017 Honda Civic Type R

Honda and its U.S. customers have been craving a high-profile, enthusiast-oriented car like the Civic Type R for years.

Honda responds to sports car cravings

Honda is following the playbook of brands such as Porsche and Chevy that use countless iterations and special editions of a single model to juice sales.

Hyundai's Kona small CUV starts in a hole

Hyundai's U.S. dealers are getting something they desperately want and need, a new subcompact crossover. That's the good news.

Hyundai Kona to join Canada's tiny-crossover fray

UPDATED: 6/13/17 8:15 pm ET - corrected

Hyundai will be a latecomer to the growing subcompact crossover market yet is counting on the Kona to help lift overall Canadian sales that have slumped about six per cent this year.

Hyundai to join tiny-crossover fray with Kona

UPDATED: 6/13/17 8:08 pm ET - corrected

Hyundai will be a latecomer to the growing subcompact crossover market yet is counting on the Kona to help lift overall U.S. sales that have slumped this year.

Hyundai's U.S. sales chief jumps to VW

Derrick Hatami was facing the same sales pressure that led to the ouster of U.S. CEO Dave Zuchowski in late December 2016.

Honda Accord goes turbo, drops V-6 for 2018

Honda's retooled 2018 Accord will follow an industry-wide trend of using turbos and multi-speed transmissions to aid power and performance without sacrificing mpg when it goes on sale this fall.

Hyundai's U.S. sales chief Hatami is out after tough sales month

Derrick Hatami is leaving his job as U.S. sales chief at Hyundai Motor America, following a tough sales month for the Korean automaker.

Why Honda put a lid on Civic Si's power

When the latest flavors of Honda's prolific Civic nameplate — the Si coupe and sedan — went on sale, two numbers stood out: 205 and 24,775.

HYUNDAI-KIA: Few bright spots as volume falls

Hyundai-Kia had a rough month of May as sales declines throughout their lineups resulted in a 12 percent overall drop to 118,518 deliveries. The brands are down a total of 7.1 percent on the year to 531,446 sales.

HONDA: Mixed car, truck gains boost deliveries

A mix of higher car and light-truck sales and an assist from its Acura division helped American Honda eke out a narrow sales gain in May, rising 0.9 percent for the month to 148,414 vehicles.

Toyota rallies the troops, waves the flag

Toyota's CEO sought to give U.S. dealers an extra dose of motivation ahead of the critical launch of the redesigned, eighth-generation Camry.

Breaking bots' grip on digital ad traffic

When a dealership pays vendors to generate clicks on its advertising, every dollar spent on a click that came from a bot and not a human is a wasted dollar.

Why does Honda stick with Indy?

Why would a company like Honda bother with IndyCar, given its limited audience? To Honda, the real question is “Why wouldn't it?

Mazda's Davis sees racing as a test of character

A lifetime around racetracks has taught Mazda's Robert Davis that if you can trust someone at a track, you can trust that person anywhere.

Honda's Sage Marie recalls memorable machines

A car guy working for a car company is lucky. Sage Marie is luckier than most.

Why tiny Mazda rules amateur racing

Mazda's footprint in the auto industry is tiny. But its reach in the world of club and amateur racing is unparalleled.

The metamorphosis of C.J. Wilson

There's retiring, and then there's retiring at age 35 with millions of dollars in the bank and a passion for racing, owning and selling some of the world's most pedigreed car brands.

HYUNDAI-KIA: Volume down, incentives up

Hyundai-Kia Group's April sales slipped 1.9 percent to 116,408 vehicles, a decline that was better than the industrywide drop of 4.7 percent.

HONDA: Strong trucks fail to offset weak sedans

Weaker U.S. sales at American Honda in April pulled the automaker into negative territory for the year as sliding demand for sedans and Acura vehicles offset healthy light truck volume.

Acura's mission for TLX: Fix styling

In the world of luxury automakers, turbocharged engines reign supreme. Except at Acura.

Kia picks Saad Chehab to lead marketing

UPDATED: 4/27/17 2:07 pm ET - adds details

Kia -- on the cusp of launching its critical Stinger performance sedan -- has hired former Chrysler advertising whiz Saad Chehab as its new marketing chief.

For many, Honda's Clarity is too good a deal to pass up

For $369 a month and $2,868 at signing, residents in the fair state of California get a large, comfortable, quiet sedan that has all the luxury trappings of an Acura and seats five adults comfortably.

New airbag injury highlights Honda’s struggle

The convoluted history of a 2002 Honda Accord involved in a March 3 crash shows the challenge Honda faces in keeping defective Takata airbag inflators out of circulation.

Honda Accord gets fastback makeover

Honda's next-generation Accord sedan and its fastback profile are coming into focus thanks to new spy shots taken in Colorado.