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Recent authored articles

Mitsubishi eyes Renault-Nissan resources to grow in U.S., China

Mitsubishi wants to tap the Renault-Nissan "toolbox" to unlock sales growth in the world's two biggest auto markets: the U.S. and China.

Subaru sharpens EyeSight with self-drive functions

Subaru is upgrading its camera-based system to get limited self-driving capabilities on the highway and during low-speed traffic jams.

Renesas takes on global giants in growing autonomous vehicle marke

A giant in vehicle microprocessors, Renesas prepares to go after the autonomous vehicle.

Honda outlines bold autonomous goals

Long quiet about electric vehicles and autonomous driving, Honda is jumping into the arena in both fields.

Honda gets busy on EVs, autonomous drive

A newly launched Electric Vehicle Development Division will create EVs based on dedicated all-electric platforms.

More automakers put CES Asia on itinerary

Global carmakers are beating a path to CES Asia, the Chinese version of the show that has been working for them in Las Vegas.

Toyota keeps its big recall alive

Toyota's unintended acceleration recall seven years ago scorched the company. Toyota doesn't want to forget that.

Nissan exec explains why EV owners are hooked on the technology for life

The head of Nissan's zero-emissions vehicle and battery business, Daniele Schillaci, says EV customers have a strong loyalty toward the powertrain.

Racing scenes inspire Mazda's top designer

When Mazda global design chief Ikuo Maeda was a boy, he saw the 1971 Steve McQueen racing epic Le Mans. The led to a passion for racing that feeds his creative side.

Nissan execs hint at upcoming EV crossover

Nissan is working on a concept vehicle that will showcase its ideas for intelligent mobility and foreshadow an all-electric crossover.

Nissan racing chief keeps a spare Pulsar on standby

Takao Katagiri, head of Nissan Motor's global motorsports program as well as its Nismo performance division, learned early the value of having a backup car.

Toyota’s driving chief learns the secret sauce

In an interview with Asia Editor Hans Greimel, Akio Toyoda, 61, talked about his interest in racing and how it now influences the flavor of Lexus and Toyota vehicles.

Akio Toyoda: Master driver, late bloomer

Akio Toyoda not only runs Toyota Motor Corp. but is its master driver, the final arbiter of what makes a Lexus a Lexus and a Toyota a Toyota.

In new automotive era, even Toyota struggles

A lackluster test drive of an EV prototype underscores for Akio Toyoda the new challenges posed by an evolving auto industry.

Mitsubishi's comeback keys: Crossovers, expansion

Mitsubishi's operating profit plunges 94 percent in the latest fiscal year, broadsided by falling sales, foreign exchange losses and the costs of a fuel economy scandal.

Japan's automakers scramble to fill truck gap

Stung by imploding profits, Japan's automakers are scrambling to jam out more of the only vehicles that seem to sell these days: crossovers, pickups and SUVs.

Nissan's e-Power hybrids may go global

Nissan's hybrid hit is virtually unknown outside Japan. But the company is thinking about taking it overseas where it could challenge the Prius, just as it does at home.

Nissan profit falls 6% on currency losses, rising incentives

Nissan reported a 6.4 percent drop in operating profit in the just-ended fiscal year as foreign exchange losses and rising incentives undercut earnings.

Toyota President feels 'sense of crisis' as profits tumble

Foreign exchange rates and spiraling costs hammered profits at Toyota, derailing the automaker from a third-straight year of record results and spurring President Akio Toyoda to warn of an impending "sense of crisis."

Mitsubishi profit plunges after fuel economy scandal

Mitsubishi's profit plunged 94 percent in the latest fiscal year, hit by falling vehicle sales, foreign exchange losses and the costs of a fuel economy scandal. CEO Osamu Masuko pledged a recovery, aided by Nissan.

Subaru profit falls 27% despite higher vehicle sales

Subaru's profit fell 27 percent in the just-ended fiscal year on foreign exchange losses and spiraling costs despite higher vehicle sales in its key North American market.

Hyundai shows twin headlights on Kona

The upcoming Hyundai Kona will get "twin headlamps" with running lights positioned above the main lights as Hyundai looks to set its entry apart from an increasingly crowded field.

Chinese buy into Cadillac

Cadillac is selling itself as a heritage brand in China as it chases its German rivals. It is one of many things going right for the American luxury icon in the world's biggest market.

Mann plots a U.S. revival for Mitsubishi

New Mitsubishi COO Trevor Mann outlines his revival plan for the troubled carmaker and explains how he got it back on the profit path just months after arriving from controlling owner Nissan.

Honda back in the black as recall costs dwindle

Honda swings back to profitability in the latest quarter as the company put recall costs behind it. North America is the profit motor, but executives warn of rising incentives.