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Hans Greimel

Asia Editor, Tokyo
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100-0006 Tokyo, Japan
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Recent authored articles

Steering giant JTEKT imagines life when vehicles guide themselves

JTEKT Corp., one of the world's biggest steering system suppliers, face up to life in a world where vehicles steer themselves.

Honda's name game in China

Just as Honda produces U.S.-focused vehicles such as the Ridgeline pickup, it makes a slew of nameplates for China that are rarely seen elsewhere.

Selling cars from the auto show floor

Regional auto shows in China are raucous affairs where manufacturers, dealers and customers come to not only look at cars but to buy and sell them.

In China, a new chance for Acura

Acura is finally getting serious about international expansion with an eye to the world's biggest auto market.

China eclipses U.S. in Honda's world view

Honda's rapidly expanding footprint in China spotlights how the world's biggest auto market is pulling focus and resources away from the United States.

Toyota plant shuffle scrambles supplier plans

Toyota's rethink on making the Tacoma in Mexico instead of the Corolla is causing dozens of suppliers to come up with a Plan B.

Toyota to showcase autonomous mettle at 2020 Games

As a top global sponsor of the Olympics and the country's flagship automaker, Toyota sees the Tokyo games as a turning point for its image.

Speedy design cycles goal for Hyundai's new studio

Hyundai and Genesis are aiming to halve product design cycles, slashing the time it would take them to roll out full model changes.

Has Mazda found the 'holy grail' of powertrains?

The new engine delivers torque and fuel efficiency on par with a diesel engine but without nasty nitrogen oxide or sooty emissions.

At Nurburgring, Subaru avenges flameout with record

Subaru avenges its flameout at this year's 24-hour Nurburgring endurance race by conquering the notoriously demanding track with a record lap time.

Genesis plans 3rd utility to balance lineup

Genesis ponders a third utility entry, possibly a compact crossover, to fill 'white spots' in its lineup and balance its sedan heavy offerings.

N.A. an anchor on Honda earnings

North America emerged as a weak link for Honda in the latest quarter as falling regional sales and profits weighed down a meager uptick in global operating profit.

Toyota goes on offensive with Mazda deal

UPDATED: 8/4/17 10:10 am ET - corrected

Toyota is tightening its ties to Mazda as Japan's fragmented auto industry consolidates into three camps around the country's biggest automakers.

Toyota's quarterly profit drops 11% on incentives, currency losses

Operating profit dropped 11 percent at Toyota in the latest quarter with rising incentives and foreign exchange losses broadsiding earnings as Japan's biggest automaker struggled to shift its car-heavy mix to hot-selling...

Subaru profit jumps 18% on U.S. demand

Subaru's quarterly profit rose 18 percent on booming U.S. demand for crossovers.

Mazda profit falls 24% as automaker dials back U.S. fleet sales

UPDATED: 8/3/17 11:38 am ET - new story

Profits tumbled at Mazda in the latest quarter as the car-heavy brand found itself on the wrong end of a light-truck hungry public in the U.S.

Honda posts profit increase as weak N.A. is offset by Asia demand

Honda reported a slight rise in operating profit in the latest quarter as booming vehicle sales in Asia helped to offset a slide in North American demand.

Honda posts profit increase as weak N.A. is offset by Asia demand

Honda Motor Co. reported a slight rise in operating profit in the latest quarter as rising costs and foreign exchange losses weighed down gains from rising sales, including a 9.3 increase in Canada.

Toyota and Nissan diverge on road to autonomy

The next Lexus LS opens up a fight over self-driving technology between Japan's two biggest automakers.

N.A. slide undercuts Mitsubishi earnings

Stalling growth in North America weighed down Mitsubishi Motors Corp.'s surging profit recovery in the latest quarter.

STATE OF SUPPLIERS: Mighty Aisin tackles lowly parking lot

Rather than leaping into the high-level fight for highway autonomous driving technology, Japan's Aisin Seiki Co. is aiming at a low-speed market opportunity — the humble parking lot.

Mitsubishi quarterly operating profit rebounds following scandal

Mitsubishi's operating profit surged nearly fivefold in the latest quarter, rebounding from a year earlier when earnings were broadsided by a fuel economy scandal.

Toyota's V-6 faces Honda's turbo

Toyota Camry's chief engineer sings the virtues of V-6 power as rival Honda switches to a downsized turbo.

New Lexus LS will have serious driver's assistance, but don't call it self-driving

The new-generation 2018 Lexus LS arriving in the United States and Canada early next year showcases the brand's latest, greatest automated safety technology. But the brand won't call it self-driving.

GM Korea chief steps down amid sales slump

General Motors' global South Korean business unit loses its CEO as sales fall and labor talks loom.