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Recent authored articles

For 2018 Odyssey, a shift in shifters

Loyal Honda Odyssey customers upgrading to the 2018 model will discover something missing from the center stack: the gearshift knob.

Use the midterm review to keep progress on track

It's fortunate that auto industry officials have enjoyed a seat at the table in the Trump White House, and that they'll now have an opportunity to make their case with regard to the greenhouse-gas and fuel-economy programs.

Take a stand, Detroit

UPDATED: 1/30/17 3:19 pm ET - adds GM internal memo

Detroit's fake-news factories are humming again with announcements of massive new investments in American manufacturing.

EPA nominee calls for CO2 rule review

Scott Pruitt distanced himself from candidate Donald Trump's promise to "gut" the agency and his claim that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China.

Rosekind credits auto industry for collaboration on safety

Mark Rosekind, looking back on his two-year tenure as head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, credited the auto industry for being open to the agency's aggressive efforts to create a more proactive...

Automakers get a break on CAFE penalties

UPDATED: 12/21/16 4:11 pm ET - adds NHTSA documents

Federal regulators offered the auto industry some relief today on two key areas of the U.S. government's light-vehicle fuel economy program that had sparked new tensions between the administration and the industry.

GM's Barra focusing on profits and technology leadership

When Mary Barra faced a massive recall crisis as General Motors' new CEO, she implored employees to never forget the errors of GM's past.