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Dissecting Europe's automotive numbers

The latest Automobile Industry Pocket Guide from the European association ACEA, reveals some interesting, and often unexpected, trends from the region's auto industry.

Peugeot, Ford, Renault lead in high-margin sales to private customers

The Peugeot, Ford and Renault brands were Europe's first-quarter leaders in a key part of the retail business: sales to private customers.

Data from cars: Gold mine or land mine?

Does data generated by autonomous vehicles really provide carmakers with a “$1 trillion opportunity”?

Nissan exec explains why EV owners are hooked on the technology for life

The head of Nissan's zero-emissions vehicle and battery business, Daniele Schillaci, says EV customers have a strong loyalty toward the powertrain.

Data: Gold mine or land mine?

Fully autonomous cars are coming and many automakers believe that these highly connected vehicles will offer lucrative returns from data that they hope to sell to tech companies.

Data: Gold mine or land mine?

Fully autonomous cars are coming and many automakers believe that these highly connected vehicles will offer lucrative returns from data that they hope to sell to tech companies such as Apple and Google.

BMW to challenge M-B S-class coupe, convertible with 8 series

BMW unveiled a concept of its revived 8 series that will become a new flagship coupe. It appears sleeker and sportier than the 6-series coupe it replaces.

Ford's new Europe boss says region is 'in good shape'

Ford of Europe's new president, Steven Armstrong, believes the automaker is in great shape and has the right products for the region after undergoing major restructuring. The automaker posted a record $1.

BMW eyes global luxury crown again with 8-series concept

BMW unveiled a concept of its revived 8 series that will become a new flagship coupe and try to help it supplant German rival Mercedes-Benz for leadership in luxury vehicle sales worldwide.

BMW 8-series concept stakes claim for luxury leadership

BMW say its new 8-series flagship will raise the benchmark for luxury coupes. The automaker unveiled a concept for the car, which will rival the Mercedes S-class coupe and convertible models.

Farley's wider role is a reward for success in Europe

After a highly successful two years as head of Ford's European operations, Jim Farley moves back to the automaker's U.S. headquarters with a massively expanded set of responsibilities.

BMW aims to be electrification, connectivity leader

BMW will focus on leadership in electric drivetrains and connectivity rather than increasing vehicle sales, CEO Harald Krueger said.

Lamborghini's first SUV will pump out 650 hp

The new V-8 twin turbo engine in Lamborghini's Urus SUV will churn out 650 hp.

VW's Seat will add Waze navigation on its entire range

VW Group's Seat brand will make Waze's navigation system available on its entire range in the coming weeks.

Smart boss aims for new sales records even without adding crossover

Smart expects to boost sales again in the future after they grew 21 percent in 2016, despite the lack of a crossover in the brand's lineup.

Seat's de Meo wants to build on Spanish brand's strengths

Seat CEO Luca de Meo outlined the brand's future role in the VW Group in an interview with Automotive News Europe.

VW's Seat counts on SUVs for turnaround

Volkswagen Group's Seat has returned from an uncertain future after a decision to start adding SUV/crossovers to its lineup.

China's bigger families are good news for minivan sales

China's scrapping of its one-child per family policy has created an unexpected increase in minivan sales.

De Meo convinced VW that Seat needed a midsize SUV

Seat CEO Luca De Meo pitched the case for a midsize SUV to VW Group by making the point that it would boost capacity utilization at VW's home plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Fiat dealers in Italy protest after getting vehicles they did not order

Fiat dealers in Italy have protested to the automaker after the company invoiced for about 6,000 new vehicles they did not order.

Volvo confirms China production for first EV

Volvo confirmed it will build its first full-electric car in China and export it globally. The EV will launch in 2019 and will based on the compact modular architecture that Volvo co-developed with Lynk & CO.

Lynk & CO picks Berlin for European sales launch

UPDATED: April 20 9:40 CET - new story

China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group will launch Lynk & CO in Berlin and San Francisco in a bid to give the new marque a foothold in the key European and U.S. markets.

Could Tavares cut one of PSA's brands?

How will PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares manage to streamline his enlarged brand portfolio now that Citroen, Peugeot and Opel/Vauxhall all compete in Europe's saturated volume car market?

Tavares' tall task for PSA and Opel: brand management

The buzz at last month's Geneva auto show was what would PSA CEO Carlos Tavares do to streamline his enlarged stable of brands, given that Citroen, Peugeot and new addition Opel/Vauxhall all compete in Europe's saturated...

BMW exec outlines challenges for company's first fully autonomous car

BMW aims to launch a self-driving car by 2021, but there are still many obstacles on the way to achieving Level 4 and Level 5 automation, which require little to no human intervention.