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Nick Gibbs

UK-based correspondent for Automotive News Europe
Address: Barrow Road
SW16 5PE London
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Recent authored articles

Land Rover Defender returns briefly to challenge Mercedes G class

Land Rover has taken its utilitarian Defender and turned it into high-performance limited-edition rival to the most expensive versions of the similarly rugged but costly Mercedes G class.

BMW exec combines Silicon Valley innovation with corporate rigor

German automotive companies have acknowledged that they need to foster a work culture more akin to Silicon Valley, but disruptors within these companies are still rare.

Opel will skip Geneva auto show

Opel will skip the Geneva auto show in March as the brand comes under pressure from new owner PSA to cut costs in an effort to reverse years of losses.

Rolls-Royce sales chief Knight leaves automaker

Rolls-Royce said its sales and marketing director, Fintan Knight, has left the company to pursue other interests. The automaker has not yet announced a successor for the position.

Europe's EV sales expected to top 200,000 this year

Sales of full-electric cars are set to surge to 200,000 this year, helped by the arrival of the new Nissan Leaf and the start of a wave of premium European EVs designed to challenge Tesla's dominance.

Lotus CEO sees SUV coming with help from new stakeholder Geely

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales explained to Automotive News Europe why he's confident that the sports-car maker is ready to enter the premium SUV sector.

Industry veteran Norman tasked with Vauxhall turnaround

UPDATED: Jan 11 16:51 CET - adds Norman comments

PSA named industry veteran Stephen Norman to lead its UK Vauxhall brand, just days after the automaker announced further job cuts in Britain. Norman has already been working on a turnaround plan for Vauxhall, a source said

PSA should sell UK Vauxhall plant to Jaguar Land Rover

A second round of job cuts shows PSA is struggling with the viability of its newly acquired Ellesmere Port factory in the UK.

Bentley will unveil Bentayga plug-in hybrid

Bentley will launch a plug-in hybrid version of its Bentayga SUV at the Geneva auto show in March.

How Rolls-Royce plans to keep pace with industry's megatrends

Rolls-Royce is on a hot streak. Its new generation Phantom will go on sale early this year and the automaker is mulling a full-electric version.

How green version of iconic London taxi will become global

Carl-Peter Forster is a veteran of the industry after stints at BMW, Tata Motors and as head of GM's European operations.

BMW research team tackles China's chronic traffic problems

As China's personal transport options evolve at a tremendous rate, BMW is researching how the latest mobility innovations can be adapted and made premium to keep the brand relevant in its biggest market.

PSA got a bargain with Opel, former GM Europe boss says

PSA got a "good deal" when it bought General Motors' European operations, Opel/Vauxhall, says Nick Reilly, who was GM's troubleshooter before he retired in 2011.

VW, Peugeot, Seat propel compact SUV sector toward new record

Strong demand for new entries from VW, Peugeot and Seat helped to increase European sales in the compact SUV segment by more than a quarter.

Jaguar I-Pace likely to beat Audi, Porsche rivals to showrooms

Jaguar looks set to beat Audi and Porsche to become the first premium automaker to sell a credible all-electric Tesla rival after announcing that it will unveil a production version of its I-Pace in March.

Mini boss predicts new sales high; calls EV move 'natural evolution' for brand

Mini is gearing up to launch an electric variant in 2019 and predicts record sales once again this year.

Mini boss calls EV move 'a natural evolution'

Mini boss Peter Schwarzenbauer spoke about the automaker's move into the EV sector and predicted another record sales year for the British brand during a conversation with Automotive News Europe.

Automakers fear 'rules of origin' Brexit hit

Automakers in the UK are concerned that after Brexit they will fall foul of the 'rules of origin' which demand a high proportion of a car's content must be made locally.

BMW expands car-sharing program to China

BMW says it is bringing premium element to car-sharing in China with its ReachNow program that uses a fleet of electric i3 models.

UK diesel tax is not what automakers expected

The UK government came under fire this week from automakers after announcing it was linking the taxation of diesel cars from next year to their ability to hit the new real driving emission standards (RDE), which is not what...

BMW's cycle 'hyperloop' is a vision for fast, pollution-free city travel

As China seeks to restrict the use of private cars in its congested and polluted megacities, BMW sees an elevated cycleway as a way to encourage commuters to travel around urban areas on two wheels.

BMW's cycle 'hyperloop' is a vision for fast, pollution-free city travel

As China seeks to restrict the use of private cars in its congested and polluted megacities, BMW sees an elevated cycleway as a way to encourage commuters to travel around urban areas on two wheels.

Aston Martin's new Vantage aimed at younger buyers

Aston Martin is pitching the new-generation Vantage to a younger customer group, helped by a radical redesign that gives the coupe greater differentiation compared with current models.

GM's parting with Russia has been such sweet sorrow

General Motors pulled out of Russia in 2015, but still does pretty well there.

Premium midsize SUVs overtake sedans, wagons in key European segment

Last year for the first time premium SUV models such as the Volvo XC60, Audi Q5 and BMW X3 were more popular in Europe than sedan and wagon versions of the Mercedes E class and BMW 5 series.