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UK-based correspondent for Automotive News Europe
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Premium midsize SUVs overtake sedans, wagons in key European segment

Last year for the first time premium SUV models such as the Volvo XC60, Audi Q5 and BMW X3 were more popular in Europe than sedan and wagon versions of the Mercedes E class and BMW 5 series.

Bentley Bentayga's autonomous tech tops Audi's

Driving the Bentley Bentayga shows just how sophisticated self-driving technology has become as its autonomous features are among the most advanced in a car on the road.

French tech company NAWA sees ultracapacitor battery breakthrough

French tech company NAWA believes it has found a way to boost the power of ultracapacitor batteries by creating a hybrid system with lithium ion units in what could be a major step forward in EV technology.

Why Vauxhall is likely to survive despite a steep sales slump

PSA's strategy to reduce non-profitable car sales is harming Vauxhall, which saw sales plunge drop 35 percent last month.

Opel teases new SUV that will come with 7 seats and plug-in hybrid version

Opel teased a new SUV that will go into production in 2019 with seven-seat and plug-in hybrid variants.

Renault, Mercedes, Fiat give new life to pickup segment

Renault, Fiat, Mercedes, and soon PSA, are all launching pickup trucks to take on market leader Ford in a sector that has been, until recently, virtually ignored by European automakers.

In 2025, a button at the bottom of the app screen will ask you to 'select vehicle brand.' But why bother?

Automotive News Europe reporter Nick Gibbs wonders, and worries, about the future of the great brands in the age of autonomous vehicles.

Renault targets annual 400,000 sales in China

Renault plans to increase the number of SUVs it builds in China to help lift annual vehicle sales to 400,000 by 2022.

Ford hybrid vans will be 'geofenced' in cleaner air trial

Plug-in hybrids are seen as a compromise ahead of EVs in creating zero-emissions zones in cities.

McLaren's next supercar will be 'brutal'

McLaren will debut a supercar next spring, codenamed P15, that will be its most extreme track-focused road car yet, with a "brutal" design and a driver experience entirely focused on getting around a track as quickly as...

BMW, Nissan, others set aside rivalry to promote EVs in multibrand showroom

Automakers have set aside marketplace rivalries to open a multi-brand electric car showroom where staff don’t sell vehicles but instead explain EV technology to visitors.

Bentley names JLR exec Hallmark as CEO in boardroom reshuffle

UPDATED: Oct. 20 14:50 CET - adds Bentley profit

Bentley said Jaguar Land Rover's head of global strategy, Adrian Hallmark, will become the brand's CEO as part of a reshuffle that also brings in new board members for engineering, sales and marketing and human resources.

Why PSA is axing jobs at Vauxhall's Astra plant

Vauxhall and PSA have cited declining sales in the compact segment as a reason for cutting 400 jobs at the UK factory that builds Astra cars, which would make sense if customers were turning away from cars such as the Astra...

Auto industry cold on UK joining NAFTA post-Brexit

The UK joining the North American Free Trade Agreement is an idea reportedly being floated as an alternative if the country crashes out of the EU in 2019 without a trade deal with the bloc.

Range Rover to show pair of plug-ins in L.A.

Plug-in hybrid versions of the Range Rover and Range Rover sport are coming to the U.S. market next summer.

Union calls for talks after PSA cuts Vauxhall jobs

Union leaders at PSA's Ellesmere Port factory, which builds Opel/Vauxhall Astras, are calling for talks with the French automaker after PSA said it would cut a quarter of the UK plant's workforce.

Automakers add more tech to subcompact cars to boost margins

New models, increased technology and a strong focus on personalization are helping volume automakers such as VW, Ford and Nissan boost sales and improve their bottom lines by selling more expensive versions of their...

Not much stock in UK joining NAFTA

Could the post-Brexit UK join NAFTA? There's talk about it across the pond, but don't count on it.

Dealer groups may step up expansion in the UK after Brexit

Big dealership groups could boost investments in Britain after the country's vote to leave the EU led to a weaker pound, making investments attractive.

Aston Martin keeps weight low for DB11 convertible

Aston Martin has launched a convertible version of its DB11 coupe with a Daimler-sourced V-8 as the sole engine option.

PSA will cut 400 Vauxhall jobs in UK; says production not competitive compared with France

UPDATED: Oct. 14 9:15 CET - adds PSA comments

PSA is cutting a quarter of the workforce at Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port factory in England. The plant builds Opel and Vauxhall Astra cars for European markets.

TVR back with new Griffith

British niche automaker TVR will begin production of its two-seat Griffith sports car next year.

Renault boosts gasoline engine output to counter diesel slump

Renault is adapting its largest engine plant to build more gasoline units as European customers shift away from diesels.

Aston Martin boss seeks Brexit clarity

Aston Martin is going from strength to strength due to strong sales of its new DB11 supercar, but a cloud remains on the horizon in the form of the UK's pending split from the EU.

Aston Martin may join Audi, Jaguar in Formula E

Aston Martin could follow automakers such as Audi, Jaguar and BMW into the Formula E electric racing series, CEO Andy Palmer said.