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Recent authored articles

Mini maxes out with Countryman

The Mini Countryman has grown to become the BMW subsidiary's biggest model to date and now competes in the compact class, the first Mini to do so.

PSA-Opel joint cars, Renault Alpine coupe and first Porsche wagon seek Swiss spotlight

The first cars shared between PSA and GM's Opel unit will be among the debuts at this week's Geneva auto show. Other premiers include Renault's Alpine sports car, Range Rover's Velar SUV and Porsche's first station wagon.

Ferrari beast, Porsche wagon to star in Geneva

Next week’s Geneva auto show will highlight a mix of supercars, everyday models and cars you never expected, such as a Porsche station wagon and a Mercedes-Benz pickup.

Hyundai gives i30 a tech boost

The Hyundai i30's success has been important in boosting the brand's European growth in the past 10 years and to improve the hatchback's competitiveness in the compact segment, the automaker has added so many extras to the...

Dutch contract manufacturer to build some X1s for BMW

Beginning in August, Dutch contract manufacturer VDL Nedcar will build BMW's X1 crossover in Born, Netherlands. The VDL Nedcar plant also produces some Mini vehicles.

BMW details plan to build X1 at Dutch contract manufacturer

BMW will build its X1 SUV at a Dutch contract manufacturer that also produces some of the automaker's Mini models. X1 production will begin in August at the VDL Nedcar plant, BMW said.

VW posts record 2016 sales despite diesel-cheat crisis

VW Group's global sales, including its Audi and Porsche brands, jumped 3.8 percent last year to a record 10.3 million as higher demand in China and Europe offset declines in the U.S. and South America.

Infiniti to showcase "co-pilot' driving tech

Infiniti will introduce a QX50 crossover concept with self-driving technologies this week at the Detroit auto show, along with what it says is the world's first production-ready, fuel-saving variable compression ratio engine.

Infiniti will showcase 'co-pilot' autonomous driving tech

Infiniti will debut a QX50 crossover concept with self-driving technologies at the Detroit auto show. The brand says its autonomous tech will focus on ensuring that drivers retain ultimate control over their vehicles.

Audi will debut Q8 SUV flagship

Audi will debut a near-production concept for its Q8 SUV flagship at the Detroit auto show. The Q8 will compete with the upcoming BMW X7.

VW will unveil Uber-challenging electric minibus

Volkswagen will unveil a concept for a self-driving electric minibus at the Detroit auto show as the automaker prepares to challenge Uber with its new mobility services division.

European sales rise 6% as Renault surges and VW regains share

European new-car sales rose 5.6 percent in November with Renault, Seat, Hyundai, BMW, and Mercedes gaining volume while PSA, Opel, Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover were among automakers whose sales fell.

Ford, BMW, Daimler, VW Group plan fast-charging EV network

Ford, VW Group, BMW and Daimler plan to set up charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe.

Europe makes a plea to keep trade open

BMW CEO Harald Kruger appealed to the incoming Trump administration to maintain free trade, not just because of BMW's new $1 billion Mexican factory but also to protect the automaker's plant in Spartanburg, S.C.

W. Europe market grows 7% in September but Brexit clouds outlook

Western European car sales rose 6.6 percent last month on a rebounding southern Europe, strong German growth and a UK market not yet affected by Brexit.

Kia Niro targets 2 sweet spots

The Kia Niro targets two sweet spots in the market: booming demand for high-riding SUV-styled models and consumers' growing interest in fuel-efficient cars that are not diesels.

German sales rise 9% with Lexus, Renault and Fiat making strong gains

UPDATED: Oct. 5 15:20 CET - adds comments

German new-car registrations rose by 9.4 percent in September with Lexus, Renault, Fiat and Land Rover among the big winners. Sales to private buyers jumped by 22 percent while business sales increased 3.9 percent.

French car sales rise nearly 3% but PSA suffers setback

UPDATED: Oct. 4 09:15 - adds Italy sales

French new-car registrations rose 2.5 percent in September with most automakers except PSA Group making sales gains. Sales in Italy increased 17 percent while Spanish sales rose 14 percent.

EVs and SUVs set to dominate in Paris

Automakers will focus on electric cars and the booming market for SUVs/crossovers at the Paris auto show. VW, Mercedes and Opel will be among companies showing battery-powered cars with long driving ranges.

Paris auto show: It's electric

Germany's automakers will use the Paris auto show to highlight their latest battery technologies as they seek to recapture ground from Tesla.