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Richard Truett

Technology and Engineering reporter
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Recent authored articles

Want to be the next Tesla? Good luck.

Tesla has energized a wave of entrepreneurs who are trying to launch car-making ventures of their own. The odds aren't in their favor.

With fuel cells, first to make a profit tops being first to market

Sometimes being first in the auto industry with new technology isn't best. Being first and making a profit is far better. But that is very hard to do. A good example: fuel cell vehicles.

Retiring Ford powertrain boss: Electric motors are coming

Bob Fascetti, who marshaled Ford's development of the 6.7-liter Power Stroke and the influential EcoBoost engines, is retiring.

The six-figure pickup

A new era is dawning for luxury-class pickups as Detroit goes searching for a price ceiling.

Chevrolet marks 100 years of making pickups with special Silverado, Colorado

UPDATED: 9/28/17 10:59 am ET - adds live photos

Chevrolet this fall is launching two special edition pickups that commemorate 100 years of building pickups.

Ford pushes into the $100,000 range with new F-450 Limited

UPDATED: 9/28/17 2:11 pm ET - adds Nissan

Ford is adding the F-450 Limited top-line pickup to its lineup this fall. The starting price, including shipping, is $87,100.

Why new pickup producers can't ignore Texas

Some advice for any automaker thinking about the U.S. pickup market: Don't ignore Texas.

Chevy bow tie logo goes retro

To celebrate 100 years since the debut of Chevy's first pickup, the 1918 490 Light Delivery, Chevrolet updated the badge from the 1918 truck and will affix it to two special edition 2018 pickups

GM bringing back medium-duty trucks

General Motors is returning to the medium-duty truck market, nearly a decade after abandoning it during bankruptcy.

The diesel class of 2018 is small but efficient

In the EPA's 2018 preliminary fuel economy guide, the listing of the model year's light-duty diesel-powered vehicles, is a pretty barren place.

Jaguar's F-Type replacement is a go, and it will be electrified

In the era of SUVS, Jaguar isn't giving up on sports cars.

The complexity and engineering challenges of the electric motor

The change from internal combustion engines to electric motors will be one of the biggest the industry has ever faced.

Florida dealers clearing debris, opening doors

Three days after Hurricane Irma tore across Florida, some dealers remain in the dark, but most are clearing debris and reopening for business.

Dealer Tire wins business from Southeast Toyota's 176 stores

Southeast Toyota Distributors has inked a deal with Dealer Tire to have the Cleveland company deliver replacement tires to 176 Toyota dealerships in five states beginning Dec. 1.

FCA appoints Keegan to head of communications; Pilarski takes over HR

Fiat Chrysler appointed Mike Keegan, a 25-year veteran of the company, to lead communications in North America, a new position, effective Thursday.

Autonomy, 48-volt powertrains amp up electrical system complexity

As we move into the era of self-driving vehicles -- many of which will have a 48-volt system in the powertrain -- electrical failures can't happen.

Delphi pitches an alternative to diesel

Delphi has combined two new engine technologies to make gasoline engines more fuel-efficient. But will it be appealing enough attract European automakers away from diesel?

As cars fade, a hedge if fuel prices spike

It would be foolish to think fuel prices are going to stay low indefinitely.

Roy Lunn: A force behind groundbreaking vehicles

Roy Lunn was a mechanical and aeronautical engineer who led development of the first Jeep Cherokee and Ford's original GT40. He helped pioneer unitized vehicle construction to help meet fuel economy requirements.

Mueller brothers aim to help dealers triple replacement tire sales

Scott and Dean Mueller built Dealer Tire into a billion-dollar colossus by selling replacement tires to new-vehicle dealerships. Now the brothers are ramping up their efforts to teach dealers to be better tire retailers.

Self-driving vehicles will revolutionize service business

Service departments could be big winners from autonomous vehicles -- if they invest in training and recruitment now.

Dealer Tire assigns consultants to high-volume dealerships

As part of its strategy to help dealers build sales of replacement tires, Dealer Tire assigns company consultants to large dealerships.

Roy Lunn, father of the Ford GT40, modern SUV, dies at 92

A mechanical and aeronautical engineer who led development of the first Jeep Cherokee and Ford's original GT40, Roy Lunn helped pioneer unitized bodies for SUVs to help meet fuel-economy...

Mercedes' Vision of a roadster?

Mercedes-Benz plans to show a new version of its Vision concept this weekend .

Reborn JLR and Volvo hitting their strides

New products, new strategies and bigger sales are keeping JLR and Volvo on the climb.