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Everything but autonomous, net neutrality and Uber's 'Game of Thrones'

Caught skipping out on transportation Twitter? We've been there. Here's our round-up of the best insights, strange news and everything else to catch-up on this weekend.

Does Lyft deserve praise or ridicule?

This week Mobility Report discusses if Lyft deserved the ire of the internet when it touted a new service suspiciously similar to traditional, fixed-route buses.

Tesla's real capacity problem: Too many people

In its Fremont plant, a temple of lean manufacturing, Tesla uses far more workers than NUMMI did, to build far fewer cars.

AUDI'S SCOTT KEOGH: Betting on Q5 as luxury market peaks

In this Q&A, Scott Keogh, president of Audi of America, discusses 2017 sales, the political climate and how the VW diesel scandal will impact Audi this year.

Women in automotive: We want to hear from you

Automotive News is taking a serious look at sexism in the auto industry.

Failed Google deal left Fields in the lurch

A look back at the timeline of the failed Ford-Google talks reveals a moment that became a turning point in Mark Fields' career at Ford.

Marcy Klevorn: Will head Ford mobility operations with Hackett's promotion

Marcy Klevorn was named executive vice president and president of mobility for the automaker, filling in for James Hackett who just became CEO.

Mood in New York: Cautious optimism

Auto executives are cautiously optimistic about sales in 2017. But that doesn't mean solid if unspectacular gains; it means flat - or even down slightly from record levels.

Peugeot's U.S. return to be led by former Nissan exec Dominique

France's PSA Group -- the maker of Peugeots and Citroens -- is taking its first significant step to re-enter the U.S. market by naming former TrueCar and Nissan executive Larry Dominique to spearhead the project.

Security experts shrug off CIA memo that mentioned Canada's BlackBerry QNX

UPDATED: 3/15/17 10:41 am ET - corrected

A CIA memo from 2014, briefly indicated the agency was considering exploring how to hack into cars remotely, specifically mentioning Canada's BlackBerry QNX software. Security experts have shrugged it off.

Security experts shrug off CIA memo

UPDATED: 3/15/17 10:39 am ET - corrected

A CIA memo dated Oct. 23, 2014, briefly indicated the agency was considering exploring how to hack into cars remotely. The revelation resulted in a lot of panicky headlines, but security experts have shrugged it off.

Errant email lands Uber in court

Waymo said an inadvertent email sent its way gave it enough evidence to sue Uber for intellectual property theft

Uber confronts dark side of Silicon Valley culture

Maybe it was some hard-earned experience that led Uber's CEO to respond quickly to the company's latest PR setback: a former engineer's claims of sexist treatment from company managers.

FTC checks lenders' use of 'kill switches'

The Federal Trade Commission is looking at the practice of installing GPS trackers and "kill switches" on vehicles to disable them if the owner fails to make timely payments.

Lynk & CO aims to fix broken dealer model

The franchised dealer model has stayed stagnant for too long and will lead to a widening gap between winners and losers, said Alain Visser, senior vice president of Lynk & CO.

Dealers get up to speed on trends

Outside the main floor at the convention, there was a dealers-only stand that was packed to capacity. The exhibit, called "The Modern Dealership Experience," was NADA's attempt to show dealers what the future looks like.

VW to test over-the-air options

Volkswagen AG is looking to change the way consumers buy new-car options by using over-the-air updates to offer some features on a trial basis.