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Assistant editor, mobility
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Recent authored articles

Cox, Holman team up on subscription sales model

Cox Automotive and Holman Enterprises are teaming up toexpand a retail vehicle-subscription service dubbed Flexdrive.

BMW adds Delphi as autonomous development partner

UPDATED: 5/16/17 11:34 am ET - adds details

BMW added Delphi as a new partner in its development of advanced autonomous systems, signaling a new stage in bringing self-driving cars to market by 2021.

The moral quandary frustrating autonomous advocates

Self-driving cars: The solution to preventable traffic deaths or dystopian robot killers... or both? In our latest podcast episode, we investigate the contradictory ways the public talks about autonomous tech.

Learning the language of driving

How will you know when a self-driving car will be about to slam on its brakes? In the latest episode of "Futurismo," we investigate how car designers are developing the language self-driving cars will use to exchange...

Tune in, keep up with car of the future

In the first half of Season 2 of the podcast series "Futurismo," Automotive News explores the challenges of designing self-driving cars around human needs and reactions.

NASCAR racer embraces self-driving tech

A racer urges NASCAR to embrace advanced autonomous drive technologies.

Will disruptors of the taxi market become disruptees?

Uber and Lyft and the like have turned the taxi industry on its head in a few short years. Now the industry looks like it may be disrupted again, this time by automakers.

How to go from next-gen tech to public failure

At the dawn of auto safety, one inventor wanted to do his part to save lives. Instead, his invention sparked a public backlash and went down in history as a quintessential case of why technology fails.

Quanergy's $250 lidar to be produced later this year

The Mobileye/Intel deal on Monday shows how hot the lidar business has become in Silicon Valley.

Security experts shrug off CIA memo that mentioned Canada's BlackBerry QNX

UPDATED: 3/15/17 10:41 am ET - corrected

A CIA memo from 2014, briefly indicated the agency was considering exploring how to hack into cars remotely, specifically mentioning Canada's BlackBerry QNX software. Security experts have shrugged it off.

Security experts shrug off CIA memo

UPDATED: 3/15/17 10:39 am ET - corrected

A CIA memo dated Oct. 23, 2014, briefly indicated the agency was considering exploring how to hack into cars remotely. The revelation resulted in a lot of panicky headlines, but security experts have shrugged it off.

Engineer models path from hobbyist to self-driving cars

After graduating from the University of Utah, Joshua Smith was employed by a boutique racing firm run by a husband-and-wife team who are former auto executives.

Automakers dive into new talent pools

Engineers and hobbyists offer a potential source of new talent for companies desperate to staff rapidly expanding autonomous-vehicle programs.

A chance to change the world

Automotive News' Shiraz Ahmed took an informal survey of an online chat group created for Udacity's self-driving car engineering course.

Visa limits could slow self-driving work

Potential limits on a visa program intended for high-skilled foreign workers could slow the race to build the self-driving car, according to analysts at the Center for Automotive research.

Sales pitch for r&d talent goes beyond money

The increased competition for talent in the autonomous field has led recruiters to learn new lessons when talking to this community. Lesson #1? Compensation isn't everything.

Becoming the ultimate car-pool DJ

In our latest podcast episode, Brian Hamilton has spent nearly two decades thinking of new, innovative ways to deliver what you want to hear, when you want to hear it, wherever you are.

What Grand Theft Auto teaches us about self-driving cars

In our first Byte, we spoke with Danny Shapiro, Senior Director of Automotive at Nvidia, about how self-driving car engineers can use video game technology to improve artificial intelligence.

Connected infrastructure runs into red lights

As automakers and suppliers eye the potential of fully connected cities, the hard realities of rolling out those technologies are quickly becoming apparent.

Collaboration, flexibility key to auto industry future, experts say

Three industry executives tasked with inventing the world of tomorrow say they grapple with the immediate challenges on the road ahead.

CES showcases auto suppliers and startups

CES has become the show where startups and suppliers come to convince the world -- and the rest of the auto industry -- that they are on the cutting edge.

Mercedes-Benz preps vehicle powered by artificial intelligence

Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce a production car powered by artificial intelligence in the next year as part of a collaboration with chip-maker NVIDIA.

V2V finally on its way, but is it too late?

The promise of vehicle-to-vehicle communications is clouded by concerns that technological development soon will shift away from radio-based technology and toward 5G cellular networks.