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Shiraz Ahmed

Assistant Editor, Mobility
Address: 1155 Gratiot Ave.
48207-2997 Detroit, Mich.
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Phone: 313-446-0362
E-Mail: sahmed@crain.com
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Recent authored articles

Frustrations in finding a CPO hatchback online

A online search for the perfect CPO hatchback quickly turned into a technological nightmare, including accusations of attempted fraud.

Austin, we still have a problem

Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft left the Texas capital to protest what they considered to be too-stringent rules. Now they're back, but tension remains.

Medical transport is next frontier for ride-hailing

The ride-hailing industry is trying to make magic by finding a way to make non-emergency transportation to doctor's offices and hospitals affordable.

SXSW: A weird place to talk tech?

The arts and culture festival is where lots of business leaders come to talk about the future.

Automakers still figuring out if 5G is worth it

The cellular industry is plowing ahead with 5G, but will it make sense for the auto industry to tap into the network? Telus, Bell and Rogers — and the Government of Canada — are expanding 5G networks.

Automakers still figuring out if 5G is worth it

The cellular industry is plowing ahead with 5G, but will it make sense for the auto industry to tap into the network?

Bike-sharing provides some hard lessons

Last year in Amsterdam, locals found a new culprit to blame for the city's congestion: bike-sharing operators.

Rivals wary of Uber's latest ambitions

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is spearheading an aggressive expansion into public transportation.

Backers of V2V aren't waiting for a mandate

Government groups and auto industry insiders are meeting up at conferences to talk about how to get this complicated tech out there.

Lyft shops for drivers on used-car lots

Lyft wants to put drivers in cars they can afford, rather than having them take on expensive loans for new vehicles.

Self-driving pledge skirmish opens the debate we need to have

UPDATED: 2/6/17 12:09 pm US ET - corrects name

A pledge to adhere to core principles for ethical deployment of self-driving vehicles has set off a skirmish between progressives and free market-types. The industry should welcome the debate.

Famed designer wants to designers to innovate

Former BMW chief designer Chris Bangle critiqued U.S. politics, expounded on theories of civilization and skewered modern car design as trite and unoriginal.

With AI digital assistant, drivers talk to their cars

The auto industry is in the early days in utilizing smart digital assistants to create unique, in-car user experiences. Here's what CES attendees see in the future.

Bangle untangles his design language

Chris Bangle knows you think his new car design is out there. That's the point.

Alliance measures 'troops on ground'

Carlos Ghosn uses a broad definition of autonomous technology to defend his claim that the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is at the front of the race.

At CES, time to make cool stuff real stuff

There was lots of talk and several demonstrations of self-driving cars at CES, but it was striking to notice which companies did not attend this massive consumer electronics extravaganza.

Transportation chief says new U.S. guidelines for autonomous vehicle oversight are coming

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said the federal government will introduce new federal guidelines in an effort to modernize regulations to fit an autonomous future.

CES 2018: Coolest gadgets and gizmos from the show

CES showcases a lot of wild and crazy products every year, but many will never make it to consumers. Still, some of the coolest tech we saw at the show were features you might see in cars in the next few years

Ghosn says Nissan has 'troops' on the ground

Carlos Ghosn found a way to hold court amid an array of journalists and coterie of executives through repeated, enthusiastic endorsements of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance's autonomous car strategy.

Hyundai plans over-the-air updates for vehicles as soon as late 2019

Hyundai's partnership with Cisco has yielded an in-car connectivity system that will enable the carmaker to increase the speed and amount of video, sensor and telematics data flowing into and around the vehicle.

ZF readies next-gen car computer for high level autonomous driving

ZF's next-generation ProAI supercomputer will allow carmakers to increase data processing as autonomous vehicles become more advanced.

ZF's mobility payment platform hits market in Q3

ZF Friedrichshafen said it will introduce Car eWallet, its in-car payment system, in Germany in the third quarter.

Self-driving system aimed at tired drivers planned for CES

Hyundai Mobis will debut a narrow self-driving safety system aimed at drowsy drivers at CES 2018 this week, in a bid to jump ahead of competitors in the autonomous race and broaden its U.S. customer base.

CES preview: Back to the future

Expect to see more autonomous and connected-vehicle news as well as buzzy concepts that seem more science fiction than actual product plan.

How to make a go of it in mobility

Mobility service companies of 2030 will succeed or fail based on branding and customer experience.

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