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Shiraz Ahmed

Assistant Editor, Mobility
Address: 1155 Gratiot Ave.
48207-2997 Detroit, Mich.
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Phone: 313-446-0362
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Recent authored articles

How to make a go of it in mobility

Mobility service companies of 2030 will succeed or fail based on branding and customer experience.

Waymo-Uber trial delayed over new evidence

UPDATED: 11/28/17 3:08 pm ET - adds details

A federal judge overseeing the high-profile patent theft case between Waymo and Uber delayed the beginning of the trial after new information emerged from a former Uber employee.

Waymo sketches out long-range business plan

The first fully self-driving cars will be in ride-hailing fleets, which Waymo says will lead to learning more about the tech and how consumers use it.

A mandate on its deathbed, flying Ubers, Las Vegas' driverless crash

What the fate of the 'talking cars' mandate says about government and the future of connected cars.

When your 'self-driving car' isn't autonomous

We critique a New York Times columnist, Tesla's fans are angry and more from this week in mobility.

Speedy tech deals may crash and burn later

Suppliers are trying to move fast, but experts say they may be getting involved in messy deals that could hurt later.

NXP plans for future while waiting for Qualcomm deal approval

Combined operations between Qualcomm and NXP will open up broad self-driving car uses.

BMW stays committed to fuel cells

Matthias Klietz, head of BMW's alternative powertrain group, talks to Automotive News about where BMW is in its hydrogen efforts and what hurdles it still faces.

Keep an eye on Blockchain

The digital payment platform could become a key part of future mobility services.

Upgrade to a self-driving car in two years

Some investors are hyperventilating over Tesla, Google is making new friends and a puppy grabs headlines (yes, a puppy).

The rise of self-driving car contrarians

This week, we chat about self-driving car timelines, the moon landing and whether car companies need to slow their roll on autonomous roll-outs.

Frankfurt self-driving cars, a shake-up at Tesla and GM's big claim

It's not entirely clear what skeptics who debate the timing of the advent of self-driving cars are trying to prove.

ZF, IBM to use Blockchain for mobility services

The eWallet program uses blockchain, a system that makes it hard to tamper with payments.

Detroit 'cannot coexist with Silicon Valley'

This week we chat with an executive about the tug-of-war between Silicon Valley and Detroit over engineers, break down the SELF DRIVE Act and preview the upcoming robot war.

Lear to launch connective tech in Audi vehicles in 2018

Lear plans to launch vehicle connectivity technology in Audi vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2018.

China takes lead in EV deployment, according to new measure

China, once lagging in electrified-vehicle deployment, has become a global leader, according to a new measurement created by consulting firm AlixPartners.

Would you like to do the dull, painstaking work of advancing AI?

This week we look at one of Microsoft's AI projects, Uber's new CEO, and an extra cheesy Ford Motor Co. autonomous test.

When will self-driving cars hit your streets?

The sight of self-driving cars cruising down the street may be familiar to residents of California, Michigan or Pittsburgh, but when will the rest of the U.S. get a chance to regularly experience autonomous technology?

Road funding will likely bypass tech frontiers

The problem puzzling policymakers is figuring out how to bankroll the next generation of roadway infrastructure while also fixing today's roads.

When the autonomous car meets city hall

While the auto industry is plowing ahead on self-driving car r&d, cash-strapped state and city governments are just beginning to ponder what role they will play.

Public transit vs. self-driving cars

This week, a political battle is brewing in New York, former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick just won't go away and researchers are dressing up like car seats.

Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevy Bolt: How they compare

UPDATED: 8/6/17 11:46 pm ET - corrects Model 3 length

Which of these is the better buy? In the green-car market, any long-range, battery-powered vehicle has to compete on the smallest of details and specs.

Carmakers play matchmaker, Elon's euphoria, a solar car

Tesla dominated the week's conversation, but we've got more from carmaker anxiety in Traverse City, legislative deliberation in Washington D.C. and a hubris-check in Silicon Valley.

Don't fear autonomous, Waymo targets Uber's lawyers, and Lyft's taco controversy

Federal legislation would allow hundreds of thousands of self-driving cars on public roads while the technologies still in development. Don't freak out.

Everything but autonomous, net neutrality and Uber's 'Game of Thrones'

Caught skipping out on transportation Twitter? We've been there. Here's our round-up of the best insights, strange news and everything else to catch-up on this weekend.