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Recent authored articles

Toyota hires VW marketing exec Shahani

UPDATED: 5/24/17 4:50 pm ET - adds details

Toyota has named Volkswagen of America marketing executive Vinay Shahani its vice president of integrated marketing operations. The move is effective June 5.

CDK buys Auto/Mate in consolidation of DMS providers

UPDATED: 5/24/17 12:11 pm ET - adds details

Dealer software giant CDK Global has struck a deal to acquire Auto/Mate, a smaller rival in the dealership management system market

Dealers: 'Who's Hackett?'

News that Mark Fields is out at Ford left surprised dealers with a common reaction. They want to know, 'Who is Jim Hackett?'

CDK, Reynolds have no security need to block DMS access, expert says

A cybersecurity expert said CDK and Reynolds have no security need to block data integrators' access to their dealership management systems.

AutoNation COO Berman resigns

UPDATED: 5/15/17 8:21 pm ET - adds details

AutoNation President and COO Bill Berman resigned Monday, just three months after being named president.

Marketers call for less car, more heart

Automakers will need to do more if they want their brands to resonate with consumers on a personal level. That was the consistent theme from speakers at the Automotive News Marketing 360 event here last week.

Survivors of DMS shifts tell their tales

Changing a dealership management system can be a grueling process that touches every level of a store. But sometimes a switch has to be made.

Dealers race to keep pace with Google marketing

Google's evolving portfolio of marketing options can be a treasure trove for dealers who skillfully wield its tools. But there's a catch.

Video tools evolve for a mobile world

Dealers can now push live videos to engage customers on the fly through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or get fancy with 360-degree videos.

Reynolds defends its third-party programs

Dealership software giant Reynolds and Reynolds Co. vigorously defended its certification program for third-party vendors in the face of an antitrust lawsuit.

Virtual monopoly gives YouTube giant sway over marketing strategies

YouTube is a titan in the online video space, and it has a commanding role in the marketing strategies of both automakers and dealers.

Brands' keyword strategy: Stay in your lane

Automakers are trying to bring a sense of order to the competitive and potentially chaotic world of search engine marketing.

Why Chevy's 'Real People' ads are still running

Chevrolet's “Real People, Not Actors” campaign is two years old, but still has plenty of life left, says the brand's U.S. vice president of marketing.

Selling 'upgrades' in the service lane

David Wilson's Villa Ford has transformed its service lane into a gateway for upgrading customers into a new vehicle. Money was a key motivator.

YouTube's 'wrong call' gives dealers reality check

A 'wrong call' by YouTube delivered a dose of reality to dealers who depend on the free online video service: Nothing is guaranteed - not even an explanation.

GM's 'Unbranded' ad for Chevy Malibu wins new Nielsen award

UPDATED: 4/12/17 8:40 am ET - adds videos

Chevrolet's "Unbranded" ad for the 2016 Malibu won the first-ever Automotive Tech Ad of the Year award from Nielsen during the 11th annual Automotive Advertising Awards at the New York auto show.

YouTube restores terminated dealership accounts

YouTube restored dealership accounts that were mistakenly terminated in the last several days.

YouTube account shutoffs leave dealers puzzled

Numerous dealerships have seen their YouTube accounts terminated in the past few days, making their online videos inaccessible. But the stores aren't sure why.

KBB launches TV ads for Instant Cash Offer

The campaign comes as the idea of consumers' handling more of the shopping process online gains steam.

Get up close, personal with that TV ad's fine print

Consumers have little time to read the fine print at the bottom of TV ads. That's if they can see it at all.

CarGurus tests TV spots in 3 cities

Shopping site CarGurus is jumping into TV advertising today for the first time, as it continues to challenge rivals such as competitors Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and Edmunds.

Firm checks 3rd-party success rate

Third-party sites are stepping up their capabilities to track consumer shopping behavior.

A tool for scoring site visits

Cox Automotive's nGauge scores car shoppers' website activity to identify and market to those with the highest purchase intent.

Automakers, Pinterest show mutual attraction

Pinterest -- a site that allows users to search for photos or videos and “pin” them on virtual boards showing their interests -- is setting up dedicated automotive sales teams.

Third-party shopping sites ponder penny-perfect payment predictions

With advancements in online tools for trade-in valuation and financing, could there be a day when consumers get exact payment offers via third-party sites before stepping foot in dealerships?