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Automakers take different paths after plunge in Canadian lease market

Leasing as a whole took a dive in Canada for a few years following 2008, but the plunge only significantly affected the captive finance arms of U.S. brands, experts say.

Banks learn to diversify, tailor their offerings

As automaker captive finance companies lost share, banks have taken on new roles, such as being exclusive or semi-exclusive lenders who are the sole source of automaker retail incentives.

Wells Fargo auto originations drop 45% on tighter loan criteria

Wells Fargo's auto originations plummeted 45 percent to $4.5 billion in the second quarter, reflecting the lender's tightened underwriting criteria.

Leasing slips in first half

Leasing fell in the first half of this year from the year-earlier period, the first such drop since the first half of 2012, Edmunds said.

The best F&I managers have a knack for people

F&I is a people person job. It may sometimes hide under the guise of being a numbers profession, but most effective F&I managers succeed because they are good with people.

A changed landscape in Canadian auto finance

The 2008 financial crisis sharply reshaped Canadian auto finance. Captives that once dominated the auto loan and lease market lost nearly half their share within four years.

Buyers facing fewer scripted F&I pitches

Word tracks, once a standard in the F&I industry, may be falling by the wayside, and for good reason, according to a recent survey and F&I experts.

Credit bureau changes could put some loans at risk

The three major credit bureaus' decision this month to eliminate civil judgment and tax lien data from their reports means those credit bureaus will have fewer pieces of information on which to score borrowers.

BMO Harris adds office for Northeast

In its third expansion within a year, BMO Harris has extended its dealership finance business to the Northeast.

Will CFPB ban on mandatory arbitration stand?

Industry players hope the CFPB's new arbitration rule will never take effect, and they may be right. But it's also unlikely to disappear immediately.

Jaison Lee

Oversaw more than $100 million in co-op advertising reimbursements in 2016, and helped launch AutoNation's brand extension strategy.

Jenny Beckstrom

Beat Inver Grove Toyota's monthly F&I gross profit record by $20,000 in May

Authenticom wins first round in suit against Reynolds, CDK

A court ruled that Reynolds and Reynolds and CDK must allow Authenticom access to dealer data even as it sues the two for antitrust.

Auto financing via smartphone is smart move

Consumers have long been able to check their credit and get preapproved for financing through a dealership or lender website, but getting approved on-the-go through mobile devices may become many consumers' first choice when...

BMO Harris drops single-rate dealer pay for tiered model

Three years after implementing a single flat fee to compensate dealerships for arranging auto loans, BMO Harris Bank has moved to a three-tier model and may soon begin originating near-prime loans.

Portfolio Group scoops up Finance Concepts, looks for more purchase targets

Portfolio Group's acquisition of Finance Concepts last month may be its latest move in a wider acquisition strategy.

CFPB arbitration rule draws industry ire

The CFPB's arbitration rule, issued this week, could put dealerships and auto lenders at risk for class-action lawsuits -- if it ever takes effect.

Allstate name carries weight in F&I, dealer finds

Retailer Art Schaller Jr. was reluctant to drop his F&I provider and switch to Allstate-branded F&I products. But branding has paid off. When he heard about Allstate's dealership insurance agency program, he opted for both.

VW Credit invests in app developer AutoGravity

The lender said the $30 million investment aligns with its goal to create a digital experience for its customers.

NADA unfazed by high incentive levels

Targeted incentives likely will continue rising this year as lease returns and lack of consumer demand pressure sedan pricing, NADA's chief economist forecasts.

Group 1 buys 12 London dealerships

Dealership buy-sells went global last week. Group 1 Automotive bought a dozen dealerships outside of London and a Dutch group investing in Houston's indiGO Auto.

Dutch company buys into indiGO Auto Group

IndiGO Auto Group is positioning itself to be a player in the mobility world via an investment from Dutch transportation company Pon Holdings.

VW Credit invests in AutoGravity

VW Credit is taking an equity stake in AutoGravity, a car shopping and financing mobile app and Web platform.

Beware of hard-to-detect synthetic ID fraud

Compliance has been on the minds of dealers and lenders. But at least one fraud type has been largely overlooked, and it's costing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses annually across the credit industry, Experian says.

A flat tire taught me a warranty lesson

One of the several lessons I learned from a flat-tire experience last week was be more aware of my warranty.