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Recent authored articles

Intel-Nvidia rivalry gets chippy

Trying to figure out who is in the lead takes patience and math skills.

Tesla notches legal victory in Missouri

Tesla can add Missouri to its win column as the electric automaker continues to wage its battle to sell vehicles directly in the United States, state by state.

Intel chief says chip edge goes to Intel

The war over the self-driving car chip got a little personal last week at the Los Angeles auto show, where Intel CEO Brian Krzanich started naming names and calling out the competition.

For Volvo, strong lineup, tech ties pillars of success

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson says the key to long-term success also lies in creating lucrative partnerships with tech companies.

The troubles with human and safety tech interaction

What happens when a driver-assist system meets human indecision? Let's just say, it's not pretty.

Volvo plans to charge $600 a month for XC40 subscription service

Volvo Cars will allow customers to subscribe to the 2019 XC40 compact crossover for a flat fee of $600 a month.

Velodyne rolls out smaller, more powerful lidar sensor

Lidar supplier Velodyne, which made a name for itself with its spinning, coffee-can shaped laser sensors, has a new look. The company introduced its latest lidar sensor for automated driving.

Toyota introduces next-generation driver assist technology

Toyota's advanced driver assist technology is getting smarter, but still a long way from taking over the wheel, the automaker says.

Volvo's new North America CEO hits the road in first month on the job

Anders Gustafsson, Volvo Cars' newly minted CEO of North America, spent little time in the office during his first month on the job.

Keeping the robo-taxis running on time

As Waymo's competitors begin to finalize plans for self-driving taxi fleets, companies are rushing to meet back-end demands that may arise from these networks, hoping to establish a permanent place in the self-driving...

Uber re-focuses on self-driving initiative

After a tumultuous 2017, it was unclear what direction Uber would go under its new CEO. Last week the ride-hailing giant showed it still is charging ahead with plans to deploy autonomous vehicles.

SF Motors prepares to pounce on U.S. EV market

UPDATED: 11/27/17 5:42 pm ET -- corrected

SF Motors has been quietly setting up shop in the U.S. The Chinese startup EV maker says it's learned a lesson from watching the flashy, short life cycles of competitors.

Volvo turns up the heat on Tesla

Volvo may be the one brand that can usurp Tesla's reign as the king of cool electric cars.

Software startup helps maintain shared vehicles

Stratim, a fleet management software startup, is looking to meet the anticipated need for timely vehicle service and maintenance as transportation moves from private ownership to shared mobility.

A mandate on its deathbed, flying Ubers, Las Vegas' driverless crash

What the fate of the 'talking cars' mandate says about government and the future of connected cars.

Waymo to offer driverless rides to public in Arizona

Waymo is testing self-driving vehicles without safety drivers in Arizona and plans to offer rides without a human behind the wheel to the public in the next few months.

Waymo moves fast, but where is it going?

UPDATED: 11/6/17 9:31 pm ET - corrected

Google's work on self-driving cars is advancing quickly, but the lack of a clear commercialization strategy suggests it's still a long way from a large-scale public rollout.

Tesla losses prompt some caution from analysts

Tesla posted its largest quarterly loss in company history on Wednesday. Here's how some analysts reacted.

Tesla posts record $671 million loss in Q3

UPDATED: 11/2/17 4:15 pm ET - adds stock close

Tesla racked up a $671 million loss in the third quarter -- compared to a $22 million profit a year earlier -- as the electric-vehicle maker continued to struggle producing the mass-market Model 3.

Waymo offers glimpse inside self-driving lab

Google's self-driving car unit opened the doors to Castle — its private testing facility in California — to reporters, showing what progress it has made toward Level 4 autonomy.

BMW takes slow road to high-speed autonomy

The automaker wants to make sure its cars can drive without human intervention at highway speeds.

When your 'self-driving car' isn't autonomous

We critique a New York Times columnist, Tesla's fans are angry and more from this week in mobility.

UAW files complaint against Tesla after hundreds of workers fired

The UAW filed an unfair labor practices complaint against Tesla with the National Labor Relations Board after the automaker fired more than 400 employees.

Women wary of reaching out to human resources

About 18 percent of women said they reported incidents to human resources, but most said they felt like filing a complaint would label them as troublemakers.

Speedy tech deals may crash and burn later

Suppliers are trying to move fast, but experts say they may be getting involved in messy deals that could hurt later.