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Recent authored articles

IHS: Look now​ to​ find a niche for the future

The rise of electric and autonomous vehicles plays into the hands of major global technology suppliers. But new growth segments are still beckoning smaller companies.

Harman brings back knobs

The infotainment supplier is trying to simplify 'cognitive load' for drivers.

Delphi invests in Israeli lidar-maker Innoviz

Delphi is partnering with and taking a minority stake in Israeli lidar-maker Innoviz Technologies as it seeks to further develop Level 3 autonomous driving technology.

Robots won't be taking over the road anytime soon, Ford CEO says

Ford's newly minted CEO doesn't foresee a robot takeover when it comes to the advent of autonomous vehicles.

Volvo's battery-powered revival

The automaker will offer three electrified vehicles in 2019 and spin out the high-performance Polestar line as an EV-only subbrand.

Lynk debuts in U.S. in 2019 with 01 crossover

The brand will initially begin sales in China this November.

Reborn JLR and Volvo hitting their strides

New products, new strategies and bigger sales are keeping JLR and Volvo on the climb.

Public transit vs. self-driving cars

This week, a political battle is brewing in New York, former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick just won't go away and researchers are dressing up like car seats.

Intel finalizes $15 billion Mobileye acquisition

Intel has completed its $15 billion acquisition of autonomous driving tech company Mobileye. The finalized acquisition cements Intel's efforts to break into the autonomous vehicle market.

Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevy Bolt: How they compare

UPDATED: 8/6/17 11:46 pm ET - corrects Model 3 length

Which of these is the better buy? In the green-car market, any long-range, battery-powered vehicle has to compete on the smallest of details and specs.

Carmakers play matchmaker, Elon's euphoria, a solar car

Tesla dominated the week's conversation, but we've got more from carmaker anxiety in Traverse City, legislative deliberation in Washington D.C. and a hubris-check in Silicon Valley.

Self-driving cars must learn norms

Nissan researcher says autonomous vehicles have to navigate unwritten rules of the road before manufacturers can safely deploy them.

AI will change auto industry far beyond autonomous vehicles, panelists say

While artificial intelligence and connectivity will accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles, they will also bring efficiencies to dealerships, supply chain and office operations.

Mobility challenge: Access

It's going to take more than a bike-sharing venture for automakers to pivot to mobility.

PSA stakes its U.S. return on mobility

PSA Group sees its North American return as a chance to transition to a mobility-first business.

Sharing is great -- if it's smooth

It's going to take more than a bike-sharing venture for automakers to pivot to mobility.

Toyota tech to help, not annoy

Toyota wants its technology to make humans better drivers before fully autonomous vehicles take over, but it wants to avoid coming off as an overbearing driving instructor.

Electrification will follow autonomous

As automakers ramp up efforts to remove the human from driving decisions, they will aggressively pursue greater vehicle electrification, forecaster Jeff Schuster predicts.

New vehicles equal supplier upheaval, opportunity

Autonomous vehicles will shake up the supplier segment, and create opportunities in how vehicles are heated and cooled.

In self-driving age, digital maps are crucial

Here and other suppliers are vying to create a new part that will be indispensable -- a perfectly up to the second digital road map.

Bosch: Explaining autonomous to consumers will be critical

When it comes to consumers who are puzzled about mysterious new autonomous driving features, Robert Bosch has a plan: Show, don't tell.

Toyota becomes first sponsor of autonomous proving grounds on former GM site

Toyota will be the first automaker sponsor of a new nonprofit autonomous vehicle testing ground in southeast Michigan.

Toyota invests $400 million in W.Va engine plant

UPDATED: 7/31/17 5:05 pm ET -- corrected

Toyota's West Virginia engine plant has already proven itself as the "little engine plant that could." Now, it is taking a $400 million investment from the automaker to do more with less.

STATE OF SUPPLIERS: Nvidia's technology processes trillions of impulses to replicate human thinking

To power self-driving vehicles, Nvidia intends to supply a part that replaces the irreplaceable -- the human brain.

Tesla turns over the keys for first 30 Model 3s

Tesla handed over the first 30 Model 3 sedans to employees, but the $35,000 mainstream model the automaker has been promising won't be available until later this year.