Data Spaces – Drom Big Data to Better Data

Want to solve the data productivity problem with data analytics and artificial intelligence? Say hello to data space technology! It is a game-changer. It provides data sovereignty protection so that data can be made available to partners or buyers to ensure that apps have the right data in the right quantity. All this without a loss of control over one’s rights to data. The first implementations are already arriving, like Catena-X data ecosystem and Mobility Data Space. Use your data for novel, cross-organizational data products like digital twins and data chains to rejuvenate old apps or to power disruptive super apps.


Find expert advice to pertinent questions like:


  • How to get started quickly and get connected with data spaces to focus on your use case instead of technology?
  • How to benefit from novel data space applications, such as material traceability, sustainability (CO2 calculations), circular economy, intermodal travel, and much more?
  • How to launch your own data space for your enterprise and extended family complete with identity (ID) authentication and all as a Managed Service in the cloud?
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