Fast-Track to Software-Defined Vehicles

Get this comprehensive analysis by PAC and learn how OEMs can cross the roadblocks to the software-defined vehicle.

The automotive sector must adapt to the new conjuncture of CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, electric) and digitalization, and consider the need for incorporating software, sustainability, and supply-chain resilience in their business models. The transformation to the software-defined vehicle will help the automotive industry overcome its current challenges impacted by multiple crises and changing customer expectations. Understand the race for softwarization of the automotive sector:

  • How transforming to software-defined vehicles is set to increase OEM profit yields
  • Why driver experience is the new driver in vehicle purchases
  • How OEMs fare in the race to software-defined vehicles What stumbling blocks OEMs face in the softwarization of their vehicles
  • How software development capabilities and connected car services support OEMs
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